Saturday, August 11, 2007


Sun was streaming in through the windows, and the sound of birds chirping woke him slowly, lethargically. He stretched and purred like a cat, exhausted but happy.

The night he had spent with Bill was the most incredible night of sex he had ever had. Bill had fallen asleep next to him on the small twin-sized bed and had been there all night long. Jack could not have felt more comfortable despite the cramped conditions. Their arms and legs were tangled together, and their nude bodies pressed against each other, as though they had slept this way all their lives. Bill’s face was mere inches from his own, his features displaying the glow of a peaceful night’s sleep. Jack imagined his lips on his lover as he inhaled his scent. The room still reeked of the sex from the night before. It smelled wonderful to Jack and a renewed sense of energy filled him. A person who loved him was in front of him. A person whom Jack loved more than anyone. Jack stroked Bill’s bare arm lightly so as to not awaken him. Bill murmured slightly in his sleep as he felt his lover’s touch. Jack smiled. This was the best. No more pain, no more fear. He was ready to live the rest of his life with the person tangled up with him. They had made that promise to one another. The irony of the situation provoked a smile from Jack. Here he was, Jack Hatcher, a person who had traveled to dozens of countries as an army brat and had met thousands of other people all over the world. And the person who told him would share the rest of his life with him was from his own back yard. In fact their dads had grown up right next door to one another until Jack’s own father had joined the service. It was by sheer luck that their parents ran into each other while helping both boys move into their dorm room. For Jack and Bill, it was love at first sight. Jack’s freshman year in college was going much better than he expected. Bill was the first person that Jack had ever fell asleep with after sex. With the few other lovers he had in high school, after the sex was over, they had always parted. Jack could not believe how wonderful it was to fall asleep in someone else’s arms as he snuggled a bit closer. But there were still things to do today, not the least of which was seeing his parents home after the end of the homecoming weekend. And looking at the clock next to the bed, Jack could see that they were already running late. Moving toward his mate, Jack planted a kiss on his lover’s mouth. "Good morning, Bill," said Jack softly. Bill awoke with a smile on his face. "Morning," mumbled Bill, snuggling closer to Jack. "We have to get up," said Jack, applying kisses to his cheek. "Um hmm," responded Bill quietly as he seemed to drift back to sleep. Jack made a mental note that Bill was definitely not a morning person as he reluctantly disentangled himself from his comforting embrace. Reaching the bathroom they shared in the small dorm room, Jack found that Bill was a bit more alert than he thought as his lover grabbed him around the waist. Jack was trying to pee into the toilet when Bill decided to embrace him. Kissing his neck, and looking over his lover’s shoulder, Bill quietly wrapped one arm around his lover’s chest and he gently began teasing his nipple. Soon, Jack felt Bill’s other hand move into his ass crack that he had pleasured so richly the evening before. Jack inhaled deeply at the stimulation he was feeling. Bill was so intimate with him. Bill loved him unconditionally. Every chance Bill had when they were alone, Jack felt wanted. Not just for his body or his mind, but for everything. Whenever they were alone in a room together (and sometimes even when others were present) the teens’ hands invariably drifted to each other’s bodies. And whenever they were apart, both boys confessed an insatiable craving for the other. Turning his head, Jack brushed his lips against Bill’s cheek and felt the bristles. "You need a shave," murmured Jack, turning his attentions to Bill’s ear lobe. Bill brought his own lips up to his lover’s face. "You too," responded Bill. Jack giggled as Bill lapped all over his face. After Bill allowed Jack to fondle and caress him during his own toilet, they hopped in the shower stall for further intimacies. "What do you think about Ron’s suggestion that we come to the nudist colony and have a commitment ceremony?" asked Jack as Bill adjusted the shower temperature. "I think Ron just wants to see both of us naked," responded Bill laughing. Reaching over to the dispenser, Bill soaped up Jack’s body. "Hmmm," said Bill as his hand gave Jack a playful slap on the butt, "I can’t say I blame him." Jack blushed a bit at this as he grabbed at Bill’s ass. After a bit of horseplay, the two were again locked in an embrace, the soap rinsing off of them as their bodies pressed ever tighter. "How much time do we have?" asked Bill. Jack’s eyes flashed over to the clock. "About 20 minutes, a half-hour if we push it." "Plenty of time," responded Bill, as he started going down on Jack. As Bill’s mouth swallowed his cock, Jack moaned with pleasure. Pistoning up and down on his tool, Bill took time out gently massage his lover’s balls with one hand while he moved the other hand between Jack’s ass cheeks. Jack parted his legs to allow Bill better access. Soon, Jack was rewarded with Bill’s finger up his ass. The rhythm of Bill’s cock sucking matched the finger fucking of Jack’s ass. Jack grunted as the pulsing beats brought closer him to the edge. Sensing his lover’s emerging orgasm, Bill relented for a bit and allowed his mouth to drift back to Jack’s. After sharing kisses, Jack returned the favor by going down on his lover’s body. Trailing his tongue down Bill’s muscular torso, Jack was filled with joy at the thought that he would be able to again explore his lover’s body. Bill had a pretty hairy chest and the hairs tickled his nose as he orally worshiped him. Jack wanted to be intimately familiar with every inch of Bill and to touch him in every way possible. Over and over again. As he reached Bill’s package, Jack inhaled his eight inch cock and soon found his nose buried in pubic hair. The water rushed over Bill’s body as he began to piston slowly into Jack’s mouth. Bill’s throbbing cockhead banged repeatedly against the back of Jack’s throat as the passion of his thrusts increased in tempo. Just as he was ready to explode, Bill removed his tool from Jack’s mouth with a loud gasp. Too soon to cum. Jack arose and took Bill back into his arms. "Do you know what I want?" asked Bill, meeting Jack’s lips with his own. Bill’s eyes seemed on fire as he looked intently at Jack. "What’s that?" asked Jack, licking Bill’s lips. "I want you to go up my ass," said Bill as he pressed his lips fully onto Jack’s mouth. For a long time they stood there, their tongues dancing inside each other, until Bill released and turned around. Bending over in the small shower stall, Bill grabbed his ankles. Jack grabbed Bill around the waist and knelt down, his tongue targeting the area within his lover’s ass crack. As Jack buried his face into the rim, Bill moaned softly. After making sure that the hole was sufficiently lubricated, Jack arose to ride Bill. Inserting his cockhead into Bill’s waiting hole, Jack exerted a significant amount of pressure to implant his tool into the very tight asshole. Jack moved further up his lover’s ass and he found his cock being significantly pleasured by the sensation. As Jack felt the smack of his balls on Bill’s ass cheeks, he knew he was fully inserted. Bill groaned and, letting go of his ankles, stood upright and grabbed Jack’s head from behind. As he did so, Jack reached over and inserted his tongue in Bill’s waiting mouth. Jack began pistoning his cock into Bill’s hole as he tongue-fucked with his mouth. The pace gradually increased in tempo until Jack was ready to erupt into Bill. Just as he was ready to spill, Jack withdrew. Still too soon. Jack pulled Bill around and they began to kiss passionately, both youths rubbing each other’s torsos against the other. It was time. Bill had taught Jack this technique that he had picked up in his "studies" of Indian culture. Simultaneously, and in the heat of their passion, both erupted on each other. The water from the shower mixed with each other’s hot spunk as they continued to kiss. That was beyond everything, thought Jack, as he worked on his lover’s mouth with his own. The pulses of orgasm caused both youths to groan while they embraced. As the kisses subsided, Jack looked into Bill’s eyes. "I love you, Bill," said Jack, his eyes flashing. "I love you, Jack," responded Bill, taking his lover’s package into his hands and fondling it. Jack’s eyes glanced at the clock. Not much time left. "We better get going," said Jack reluctantly. Bill’s face took on the appearance of a sad puppy. "Can’t they wait?" "No, babe, we have to get our asses moving," responded Jack, with a tone of mock criticism. "Have I ever told you how much I like seeing your ass move?" responded Bill, trying to grab more kisses as well as his companion’s butt. This elicited laughter from both youths as they finished their shower. Both youths emerged from the stall and dried each other off with some extra large towels that Bill had replicated. After finishing, Bill hopped on the small sink and sat down. There was barely enough room for him to fit on top. "What’s going on?" asked Jack as he moved next to the sink. Reaching over to grab the sonic razor he shared with Jack, Bill looked invitingly over to Jack. "You said I needed a shave," said Bill. "Would you like to shave me?" Jack grinned, and an idea popped in his head as he decided to join Bill on the sink. Bill nearly fell off as Jack moved into position. "What are you doing?" asked Bill laughing with astonishment. Their legs intertwined, the two nude lovers found themselves tightly joined at the crotch, their bodies touching intimately as both attempted to maintain their balance. "I’ll shave you," said Jack, as he planted a kiss on Bill’s lips. "But you have to shave me first." Bill grinned as he turned on the electric shaver. Constantly adjusting their bodies to keep their balance, and also to keep each other turned on, Jack and Bill took turns shaving each other’s faces. "Have you scheduled the room?" asked Bill, lifting his neck to allow Jack to shave under his chin. To celebrate their commitment, Jack had suggested a rather romantic evening. "Yep," responded Jack, moving the razor carefully under Bill’s adams apple. "The hot tub room off campus. I spoke to the manager yesterday to confirm it." The "hot tub" room, as it was known by the college students, was actually a rather secluded and small area right next to the health club both youths belonged to. Jack had found out on starting classes that the facility was frequently used by the university students for more intimate recreation. Featuring a large video screen, couples were allowed an outstanding view of romantic videos while soaking in a bubble bath built for two. The roof of the facility was made of glass and candles were in abundance. In the starlight, lovers would be able to enjoy romantic music with their view. The waiting list to access the room was over three months long, but Jack managed to pull a few strings. "Did you get the champagne?" asked Jack. "You bet," responded Bill. "Dom Perignon, 1996. Only the best." Jack smiled at this knowingly, remembering his conversation with Bill about what to buy with the recent student loan payment. "Did you get the strawberries?" asked Bill. "Yep," said Jack, "Real strawberries with real chocolate covering them. A gift from my parents." Bill moved his head down and smiled. "You remember you promised me that we’d get to taste the first one together." "Of course," said Jack, as he put down the razor and grabbed Bill around the neck. "You don’t think that I’d eat a chocolate covered strawberry without your mouth on mine. That just wouldn’t taste right." "Hey," said Bill devilishly as he moved closer to Jack, "who needs the strawberries and chocolate when I can taste your mouth right now?" Bill pressed his mouth onto Jack’s and they kissed sweetly. "Are we sappy or what?" asked Jack, a wide grin on his face. "As sappy as a Harlequin Romance novel," responded Bill, returning the grin. "And I really don’t care," said Jack, as he reattached his mouth to Bill’s. "I just wish we could just sit here all day like this. You and me, alone." "Me too," responded Bill, "except we’ve got our folks waiting for us." "Yow," said Jack, looking at the clock, "are we ever late." Quickly, Jack and Bill exited from their nest on the sink, nearly falling over. Rapidly dressing and hiding their erections under clothing as well as they could, they speedily exited to the rendezvous point. Both Bill and Jack hoped they did not miss the opportunity to see their parents off. Jack and Bill held one another’s hands on the car ride over to the hotel. Alone in the elevator on the way to meet their parents, they did manage to neck for the few seconds while they were in motion. But this left both only hungry for more. As soon as their parents gone, they had promised each other that they would return to the room for a hot make-out session. Jack smiled as they reached their parents’ floor in the hotel. He was ready for anything now as his lover Bill returned the grin. Life was going to be good.

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