Saturday, May 17, 2008

Box Boy

Jeremy looked up while bagging the groceries and saw the
two attractive women buying groceries as they normally did about
four in the afternoon. He found then very attractive. One was a light
colored shinned black girl and the other was a tall dark haired white
girl. They both had stunning figures. Being a rather innocent fifteen
year old boy he could not tell just how large their breasts were but to
him they were huge.

They both flashed him big grins as he bagged their groceries.
They flirted wit him as he finished bagging their groceries. The black
girl used her credit card to pay the bill. He had been placing their
bags in a shopping cart and he offered to take their groceries to
their car for them. The girls thanked him and he followed then to
their car. They were driving a flashy brand new Mustang convertible.
The trunk could not hold all of the bags so he had to put some in the
back seat.

When he put the last gag into the car and put the passenger
seat back up the white girl gave him a big tip and told him that he
was so sweet looking that she would love to take him home and
fuck his brands out. The black girl was getting into the car and
buckling up the seat belt as she inserted the key. She flashed the
teenager a big smile and said, "If you come home with us some time
we would both fuck you to death."

Jeremy blushed like the school boy he was and jogged back
to the store. The middle aged woman working the register teased
him about having a crush on the two of them that only made him
blush more. He did know that he had a boner in his pants. He had
to check the front of the heavy canvas apron to see if it showed.

He had gotten the job in hopes of saving enough money to
buy a used car when he was old enough to get his drivers license.
He was a very nice looking young man. His sandy brown hair had a
natural wave. A lock of his hair was always falling down over his
forehead when he lowered his head. He was always flipping his
head backwards to put the wave back in place.

He got to know that the black girl was named Vanessa and
the white girl was named Heather. When he asked them what they
did for a living he was not surprised when they told him that they
were show girls. They flirted with him shamelessly.

One afternoon they told him that they had Mondays off. They
offered to take him home with them after he got off work. The
thought of getting to ride in a new Mustang would have been enough
to thrill him t death but being able to visit with such attractive girls
was enough to give him a boner hard enough to make his balls hurt.

When he got off work he expected that they would not be
there to pick him up. He exited the front door as the manager
locked up the place. He didn't expect to see the red Mustang in the
parking lot. He did take a quick look around the lot hoping to see
the car. As he expected the only cars in the lot belonged to the
clerks and manager. He felt disappointed and heard for the street
to walk home. Just as Jeremy reached the sidewalk and was about
to turn the corner the red Mustang pulled up to the curb along side
of him. The window came down and he approached the car.

His heart was pounding in his chest as he knelt down to look
in the open window. It was Vanessa behind the wheel. She said,
"Hello honey. Do you want to come home with me?"

Jeremy blushed as he opened the car's door and got in. He
was pulling the seat belt across his body as she pulled away from
the curb. Vanessa reached over the consol and gave his leg a
squeeze. Jeremy had never had sex with anyone before. Up to that
date he had spent his nights masturbating with fantasies of having
sex with girls at school until he met the show girls. Now he would
jack-off picturing them naked and him having sex with them.

When they arrived at their condominium she used a remote
to open the security gate and it closed behind them as they pulled
into the underground parking lot. Vanessa came around the car and
laced her arm through Jeremy's right arm as she led him to the
elevator. As the door closed behind them she was all over him. She
lifted on leg and wrapped it around his hip and she wrapped her
arms around his shoulders and kissed him on the mouth. She was
driving her tongue into his mouth.

He smelled her expensive perfume as she kissed him. He
also felt his cock pressing against the front of his jeans. He felt self-
conscious about the way his cock was behaving. He did wrap his
arms around her body and return her kiss.

When the aerator came to a stopped and the door opened
they disengaged and she led him by the hand down the hall to the
door of one of the condos. When she rang the bell the door opened
by the white girl named Heather. She ushered him in and took his
jackets from him as she showed him around.

The condo was furnished very nicely. The think looked like it
should be in a magazine the way it looked. He was just taken back
by the pictures of naked men on the walls. The girls sat him on the
middle of the sofa. They were all over him. They were feeling him
up and taking turns kissing him.

Heather suggested that she get him a drink. She got up and
fixed then drinks while Vanessa continued to make out with the
teenager. He was thinking to himself, "How could I be so lucky."

When Heather came back she had three tall glasses in her
hands. She offered him one and then one to Vanessa. Then she sat
back down next to him and took a sip of her drink. Jeremy could
smell the alcohol in his drink. It was a whisky and Coke over ice. He
had never had that much to drink before. It tasted strong on the
first sip. The second sip didn't taste that strong. By the time he
finished his drink his cheeks were tingling.

This time it was Vanessa's turn to get up and make the drinks
while Heather made out with the teenager. The boy was feeling up
the large breasts while they kissed. They had to stop when Vanessa
returned with the drinks.

They sipped their drinks while the girls felt him up. He was
feeling pretty good by the time he finished the second drink. The
two girls allowed him to pull their breasts out of their dresses. They
were truly beautiful breasts. Jeremy was playing with Vanessa's
golden brown breasts with the chocolate colored areolas. He was
sucking on the nipples while the two girls were stripping all of his
clothes off of his body. When he was totally naked it was Heather
that was paying the most attention to Jeremy's cock. He had a
pretty good sized circumcised cock.

Heather put her full lips over the head of the boy's cock and
wrapped he right hand around the shaft of his cock. She
masturbated him while she used her tongue to swab the head of his
cock. She only removed her hand long enough to stuff all of his cock
into her mouth. She pressed her nose against his pubic hair. She
was truly an expert at giving blowjobs. She skillfully brought him
right to the edge of a climax and then stopped. She told him that
she wanted him to last as long as possible before he climaxed. Of
course Jeremy wanted her to finish making him cum because his
balls almost hurt for want of a climax.

He wanted to see the women naked but Vanessa stopped
him from slipping his hand too far up her dress. She pulled his head
away from her nipple and looked him in the eyes as she said,
"Before we go any farther you have to promises that you never tell
anyone what you are about to find out about us."

Jeremy was confused but in his horny state he would have
agreed to anything, "Use!"

Vanessa said, "No Baby. You have to give us your word not to
tell anyone what we are going to show you."

Jeremy said, "I promise never to tell anyone what I find out
about you!"

With that stood up and reached behind her back to unfasten
the back of her tight red dress. The skirt hardly covered half of her
thighs. Jeremy was fascinated by her beautiful body. She struggled
to pull the dress down and over her hips. The breasts had been
resting over the top of the bodice of the dress and as she bent over
to step out of the dress the large breasts swayed freely. If anything
they looked even better. Vanessa could have been a Playboy
centerfold. She only had on sexy panties, nylons and high heels.
Jeremy's eyes were glued on her middle as she began to roll the
panties down.

Heather had returned to sucking on his cock as he watched
Vanessa doing her striptease. His cock was as hard as a rock. He
was the little patch of curly dark hair on the pubis being exposed.
Then she stepped out of the panties. The teenager watched as she
stood there with her legs tightly closed. Then she ran her manicured
fingers through her pubic hair. Then she slipped her hand between
her legs as she spread her legs widely. She reached far enough
between her legs that she had to lean forward enough that her big
breasts filled Jeremy's eyes again. Then she straightened up pulling
her hand out from between her legs and pulled a very impressive
cock from between her legs.

Jeremy could not believe that this beautiful girl actually had a
cock larger than his. The cock was darker in color than her body and
the circumcised scar was almost as red a white man's. The head
was a chocolate brown color and large. The only thing different from
most boys Jeremy had seen was that Vanessa's scrotum was the
black wrinkled sack was no larger that a ten year old boys. He could
not take his eyes off of it. He could not believe that any woman so
pretty could have a cock.

He did not move as Vanessa stepped forward and took hold
of the shaft of her cock and traced the outline of Jeremy's lips with
the head of her cock. His cock went soft in Heather's mouth. He
didn't know what to think.

Vanessa whispered, "Honey I was born a man but never felt
comfortable living as a boy. I always looked more like a girl and
took a lot of physical abuse. I did discover I like sex with males but
straight men thought I was gay for wanting to suck their cocks so
much. I eventually found a way to pay for female hormones and
breast implants. I support myself by doing a female impersonator
act for a living. The problem if I go ahead and have the rest of the
sex reassignment I would just become another woman and lose my
only way of making a living. That is why Heather and I have to look
for men that are willing to have sex with a couple of transsexuals
without judging us.

Jeremy looked down at his lap as he realized that the dark
haired woman sucking his cock was a transsexual. It was hard to
believe that the woman with the long black hair flowing all over his
lap was to pretty to be a man, while he was thinking about this
revelation the black cock was still being rubbed against his mouth.

Jeremy had never had a homosexual relationship with
anyone beyond the childhood circle jerks with other boys when they
were discovering how nice it felt to play with their cocks. He
suddenly made up his mind to find out what it would be like to have
sex with a woman with a cock.

Jeremy opened his mouth and allowed Vanessa to insert her
cock. She smelled so good. Even her cock smelled of perfume.
Vanessa slowly started fucking his mouth. She didn't want to
frighten the boy off. His own cock got hard again and Heather
sucked him until he had a climax in her mouth and she swallowed
every drop. Vanessa was nice enough to ward Jeremy when she was
about to cum. She wanted him to decide if he wanted to taste cum
or not.

Jeremy had wondered what cum tasted like so he just kept
on sucking the cock. He was startled by how warm the cum was. It
had very little taste. It would take him many sexual encounters with
the two transsexuals before he could smell and taste the subtle
differences in taste based on what they had been eating. Things like
onions were strong while celery left a sweet taste.

When Vanessa was finished climaxing she sat back down
beside the boy. Now it was Heather's turn to stand up and do her
own striptease for the boy. When she removed her panties Jeremy
was ready for what ever she pulled from between her legs.

Vanessa was sucking his cock when Heather pulled her cock
out. Like her girlfriend the scrotum was no larger that a boys. The
cock was about five inches long, wider at the base that at the head.
His foreskin had not been cut and it covered the small head of her
cock. She pulled the foreskin back and wiped his mouth with the
moist head of his cock. Jeremy opened his mouth and gave Heather
a sucking worthy of any cock sucker. Vanessa's reward was a few
drops of his cum as he had a second climax. The evening was late
and Jeremy had to go to school the next day. So Vanessa drove him
home after they got dressed.

Jeremy was unable to sleep that night. He was thinking
about what had taken place that evening. Was he gay for sucking
the cocks of women with cocks? They were so fucking pretty. He
struggled with his feelings all night. He had not made up his mind
by morning. He went to school that day and thought about the
feeling of cocks in his mouth all day.

After school he reported to work as usual. He worked hard.
Heather dropped by early because they had to work that night. She
only wanted to know if Jeremy was OK with what had taken place
the night before. One look at Heather and Jeremy knew that if she
wanted t have sex with him again that he would be going with her.
He assured her that he was fine. She told her as he was carrying her
bag to the car that he would love to date her again.

Heather kissed him on the mouth and gave him a tip of
paper. When he checked what was on it he saw that she had given
him their phone number. Like the school boy he was he stuffed it
into his wallet and returned to work with a hard-on.

The problem was that they slept most of the morning. It was
close to noon before they woke up. They had about eight hours to
do what they needed to do before they had to be at work. They
spent a lot of time getting their hair and makeup done, washing
clothes and all of the domestic duties like any other woman. They
really didn't have a lot of time to date.

Jeremy put in a lot of time working on weekends and as
another four hours during the school nights. Then he had to stay up
late to do his homework. The girls had Mondays off because Sunday
and Mondays were slow nights for gay reviews.

Jeremy found a way to convince his councilor that he should
be given a program where he could take some classes at a
community college where he would get college credit and high
school credit at the same time. That way he only had to go to school
three days a week. That gave him Monday and Fridays off.

The next time the girls came into the market he told them
about his schedule change. They were thrilled at the news and
offered to pick him up on Monday. Jeremy was wise enough to
realize that if two sexy older women were to pick him up at his home
it would draw too much attention and elicit too many questions. He
told them that he would meet them at their place. He would catch a
bus to get him there.

The next Monday he spent the morning doing homework. He
had everything done in plenty of time to catch the bus to the girl's
home. He ate a sandwich while waiting for the bus. He had a raging
hard-on all the way over to their condo. He figured it was wise to use
the garage elevator to get up to their floor. Even if their neighbors
didn't know they were transsexuals they might think it strange that a
young teenager was visiting older women.

When he rang the doorbell he was greeted by the both of
them with hugs and kisses. They were dressed in only in reveling
dressing gowns. The smelled so sweet the air was thick with the
aroma of their perfumes. They took him to their bedroom where
they removed his clothes.

He had a raging hard-on by the time he was naked. It was
Vanessa's turn to suck his cock first. Heather was making out with
him while she was doing it. It was so exciting to be kissing a sexy
woman with such magnificent tits with a hard-on resting against his
leg while another woman sucked his cock.

It was Heather that offered to let him fuck her ass. She
assumed a spooning position with her but against his lap.

Vanessa was a little put out what she didn't get his load first.
Heather lifted her leg and reached between her legs and guided his
boner against her asshole. With his efforts and her finger guiding it
the cock entered her ass. She gowned, wiggled her ass against him
as he rocked back and forth. Vanessa cuddled up behind him. She
was pressing her big tits against his back while she kissed him on
the neck. When he climaxed his cum was all over the base of his
cock when he pulled it out of heather's ass.

Vanessa was quick to get in position to suck the boys cock
clean. She even licked the cum that was leaking out of Heather's
asshole. They rested for awhile before the two women started
molesting their young lover again. Only a boy his age could get
another hard-on so quickly. He fucked Vanessa's ass this time.
Heather was feeding her cock to Vanessa at the same time.

Eventually he had to go to work and the girls drove him. They
didn't want their lover wasting his energy walking. Every Monday he
was at their door with a hard-on. He was getting a wild education in
oral sex and anal sex from the most enchanting and sexy women on
earth as far as he was concerned. On Fridays he would drop by and
get a quick fuck and a blowjob before he had t report for work.

Eventually a nosy neighbor ran into him on the arm of
Heather. She thought quickly and told her that Jeremy was her baby
brother. That satisfied her. Before long all of the neighbors were
used to the young brother stopping by.

As the weeks turned into months He expressed a desire to
find out what it was like to be fucked in the ass. Heather
volunteered to start him off because her cock was smaller than
Vanessa's. The two girls gave him an enema and greased him up
good. Then as he lay face down on the bed Heather mounted him
and guided her cock into his asshole. She was as gentle as she
could be. It hurt him a lot but he bit his lower lip and let her fuck
him. His ass became numb eventually he felt his own cock getting
hard. When Heather climaxed in his bowel he loved it.

When Heather rolled free of Jeremy's body exhausted and
breathing hard Vanessa was quick to grease up her cock and mount
the boy. He felt the long, thick cock slip into his asshole. It was
Heather's cum that added to the ease of the entry of the larger cock.
Vanessa fucked the boy for a long time and added her own cum to
that of Heather's.

The next Monday when Jeremy arrived they went wild.
Everyone was fucked that day. Jeremy was in love with two women
that were keeping his cock drained. But Jeremy was a horny boy.
He expressed a desire to find out what it was like to have sex with a

Heather and Vanessa set him up with a couple of men on
successive Mondays. The first one was a very handsome man. He
must have been about 35-years old. He was 6' 4" dark brown hair,
blue eyes. He looked like Sean Connery when he made "From
Russia with Love". They didn't want to inhibit Jeremy's first time
with a man. They left the apartment while they made love. Jeremy
sucked his cock and the man fucked him. It was great fun for
Jeremy but not as much fun as the girls were.

The next Monday Vanessa had a very good looking black man
there for him. This guy was not only good looking he was hung line a
horse. When this guy fucked his ass he though it was going to drill a
hole right through his body. When Jeremy give him a blowjob the
man almost choked him by shoving his cock right down his throat.
Just the same Jeremy knew that if the two women in his life ever
grew tired of him that he could always find a cock to please.

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Daddy's Pussyboy

I was one of those little boys who always wanted to play with the dolls
and my mom would dress me up in pretty girls' clothes and tell me I was
daddy's little girlboy..And it was a secret that I couldn't tell
anyone. Sometimes she would put her makeup on me and put on lacy panties
and a tiny skirt and pretty blouse with fluffy sleeves.

Then daddy would put me on his lap and love and kiss me, sometimes
kissing my tummy all over and lick me inside my panties. Mommy would sit
on the floor in front of us and have her hand in his shorts and I could
feel her petting him, too. I could feel his hard thing he called his
cock and he would sometimes take it out and rub it on me. Mommy would
kiss it and suck on it and he would shoot stuff out of it and get her wet
all over her face and in her mouth. Sometimes she would take her top and
bra off and he would stick it between her big titties and slide it back
and forth. He would put it between my legs under my skirt and into my
panties pushing it against my hole there and get me wet all over my
bottom, too. We had a lot of fun with daddy's cock.

When I was about 7 years old, mommy really dressed me up, makeup and all
and I was the prettiest she had ever been, she said. She said that
tonight daddy was going to teach me how to be a real big girl.

After she dressed me up in my pretty blouse and short skirt, and just
before she put on my lace panties, she took a tube of something and
pressed it against my hole back there and pushed a lot of stuff around in
there. She said that was my boy ussy, just like her girl pussy and it
needed to be really wet for daddy tonight when he teaches my to be his
big girl.

I was really worried because it got my panties wet, but she said not to
worry. We went into their bedroom this time and daddy was sitting on the
edge of the bed in just his undies and reached out and pulled me to him,
hugging and kissing me, calling me his pretty little girl.

He started kissing me all over my face and then swung me around so that I
was lying on the bed. He took my blouse off and sucked on my titties and
it felt so good. Mom was right there beside us kissing my face and
licking my ear and she had her hand down into my skirt and undies where I
peed and was stroking it like she did daddy's, calling it my babygirl
cock. Then she pulled my undies off and began to suck on me.. I got hard
like daddy and he laughed and told my mom she sucked well. He was so

Then daddy took off his undies and got between my legs and spread them
out and up high. His big thing, his cock was long and hard and he said he
used it to fuck mommy and it was for him to fuck the girls he loved. He
said he loved me and I was his best girl and he was going to fuck me like
he did mommy.

He rubbed it against my hole and pushed against it hard, but I cried when
it hurt.It wouldn't go in and he told mom to get ready to show me how to
fuck his cock.

Then Mommy took her clothes off and lay next to me, spreading her legs,
saying this is how good girls fuck for daddy.

He pushed his cock into her girl hole and began to push in real fast and
hard while mommy groaned and smiled for me.

Then suddenly he pulled his cock out of her hole and she moved real fast
and he put it in her mouth and began to do the same humping in her
mouth.. He yelled out that he was doing it and held her by the head and
pushed it all the way in and began shooting his wet stuff into her

When he was done, he pulled it out and told me to lick it clean. I guess
I did it ok because he smiled at me while I licked his cock and balls.

Mommy kissed me then and she still had lots of his wet stuff that she
moved to my mouth. It tasted good.

Daddy put lotion on his fingers and got between my legs again and put
one of his fingers into my hole real fast and I cried as he moved it in
and out and then he had two fingers in there and was going in and out
real fast, He moved his fingers around, making my hole wider I think. He
moved a third finger in and I cried real loud and tried to get away but
mommy held me down as he finger fucked my hole. Suddenly he pulled out
his fingers and pushed his cock into me. It was so quick, I hardly knew
it happened. There was a loud pop as the big fat head of it went into my
hole. I cried that it hurt but he began to push it into me hard and fast
and before I knew what to do, his whole thing was inside me, fucking me
like he did mommy , pushing it in and out of my hole until I was grunting
and groaning as his huge cock went all the way down inside me.

He and mom laughed and he rolled over with me on top, stuck on his hard
cockstick. Mommy kissed me and told me I was a wonderful pussygirl now.
Daddy held me by my bottom and slid me up and down, over and over.. I was
so wet there^�I had peed and made everything wet but mommy and daddy
said it was fine, just keep letting daddy fuck your pretty pussy.

Mommy put on my blouse again and I still had on my pretty skirt that was
getting wet at the bottom. Daddy was really making me go fast and he
rolled us over and got my legs over his shoulders and was holding me by
my hips, fucking my girlpussy really fast. The pain was still here, but t
was dull now and daddy was so happy to fuck me that I started to cry.

He spun me around and I was kneeling now n all fours as he fucked me from
behind, holding me tight on my shoulders. what a tight cunt, he was
saying, what a tight pussy, my little fuck girl is taking daddy's cock
all the way to my balls, what a fucking little slut you are,loving to be
fucked.. Oh, baby take it in your girlie cunt.... Daddy was talking so

Mommy was lying there right in front of me with her fingers in her pussy
pushing them in and out and hen she arched her back and moaned that she
was coming...

Then he cried out that he was going to shoot his load into me and I felt
hot gushes of his wet stuff spurting into me really hot and hard.

Yes, Baby, mom cried, you have been fucked by daddy now . You are a real
daddy's pussyboy now. His little girl^�^�.she took her wet fingers and
ut them in my mouth and I sucked he juice on them, knowing that mommy
wanted me to have her juice.

Daddy pulled his cock out of my bottom and mom sucked on it for him^�.
Then he pulled it away from her mouth and told me to suck on it, to be
his baby cocksucker. Mom helped me and showed me how to hold his balls
and suck on the head and stroke his cock with my hands.

Mom and I played with daddy's cock until it got real hard and big again
and he took it out of my mouth and made mom lay on the bed and spread
her legs and got me to lay between her legs and she pulled my little cock
into her pussy and daddy got behind me and pushed his hard stick into my
bottom again and this time it went in fast and hard.

When he pushed down into me, my body pushed against mom's pussy and they
laughed and said that daddy was fucking both his girls at the same time.
Mommy said that since daddy had already shot his cream into us twice now,
he could fuck us for a long time.

That is how I became my daddy's little girl, his fuck toy, his pussy
boy, slut girl, all the names he called me

Today, I am an adult, a woman, at home and at work, long hair, breasts,
a beautiful woman, except that I also have a long fat cock, too, just
like my daddy's. I go home about once a week and give them both a good
fuck and still love to take daddy's in my puss hole..

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