Friday, July 13, 2007

Adult Slang Words



Sexual Intercourse, Penetration, Coitus, Sex, Making Love f*ck, hump, screw, do it, score, jump bones, knock boots, home run, drill, drill for oil, throw the dagger, bone, get some, get down, rock, ball, ride, rut, shag, bonk, boink, boof, makin' bacon, press bellies, bump uglies, horizontal hokey pokey, stir the macaroni, puttin' on the ritz, nooner (if at mid-day), hide the salami, ride the baloney pony, dork, rail, hit-in, park the beef bus in tuna town, do the hippidy dippidy, horizontal mambo,
Anal Sex, Sodomy,
go in the back door, salad toss, butt slam, ride the hershey highway, butt darts, penetrate the poop chute, rimming, anal-ize, anal intruder, mud your turtle, poo stab, corn hole, fudge pack, bum stuff, arse stab, anal invasion, shoveling mud, enter the exit-door, take the dirt road, stuffed butt,
Anus, Rectum, Sphincter pooper, dirty penny, balloon knot, rose bud, brown-eye, terd cutter, mangina, fudge factory, bung hole, deuce hole, (_!_), rusty bullet hole,
Analingus suck ass, brown nosing, till the soil, annalingus, tossing salad,
Oral Sex go down, oralgamie, oralize, licker, give brain, suck the ice cream, go downtown, feed the calf,
Oral Sex

(usually to a male)
blow job, give head, play the skin flute, hum job, hummer, smoke the pole, eat cheese, talk on the bonophone, speak into the flesh-microphone, bop,
Oral Sex

(usually to a female)
eat her out, muff diving, carpet munch, eat at the Y, eat carpet, have a dog ear sandwich, chewin', rug munch, feed the calf, lapping the little man in the canoe, tip the velvet, yodeling in the canyon of love, lap up the broccoli juice, lap the breadbasket,
Losing Virginity pop the cherry, lost "it", finally laid one, finally boned one, turn in the V card, become a man, become a woman,
To Masturbate (Female) rub the clit, fingering, jilling, jilling off, caress the clit, vibrate the vag, slip 'n' slide, soap it up, click the mouse, pet the kitty, stroke the cat, powder your nose, tickle your fancy, self-service, declare your independence, stroke it, stroke, finger-bang, riding the pillow, flick the bristles, flying automatic (with vibrator), dialing the pink telephone, stroke the kitty, polishing the pearl,
To Masturbate (Male) jerk off, jack off, wank, wank off, beat off, wack off, whack off, beat the meat, stroke it, stroke, stroke off, stroke the salami, choke the chicken, grease the axle, wax the dolphin, choke the bishop, wax the rod, peel the banana, butter the lobster, change gears, walk the dog, polish the knob, onanism, spank the monkey, chase the weasel, whistle dixie, dick off, rub one out, whip the birdie, self-service, squeeze one off, sling jelly, bop the baloney, jack the beanstalk, dunk your dolphin, grease the sprocket, flog the log, punch the clown, squirt around, polish the low-quarters (military), captain jack (personified), pocket pool (through the clothing), play the upright organ, squeeze the lotion dispenser, bleed the serpent, pull the peter, plug the mellon, polish the purple helmet, tickling the turkey, polish the wand, flog the dolphin,
Semen, Ejaculatory Fluid cum, load, jizz, penis butter, man chowder, nut, boy fluid, spooge, 10cc, lovin' spoon full, man sugar, manthrax, protein smoothie, baby batter, yogurt, cum pop, jizzles, jizz-o-frizz, penis pudding, man mayonaise, population paste, man gravy, milk of mankind, liquid kids, love paste, man juice, dong water, man seed, man-naise, pweack, children seeds, dork wax, peckeroo paste, penial seasoning, grime, spag, spaj, diet jelly, breast icing, creamy mouthwash, creamy cough syrup, face cream, jism, spunk,
Orgasm, Climax, Ejaculate
cum, get off, shoot a load, blow a load, squirt, spray, shoot, bust a nut, get your nut, get you nut off, explode, release the hostages, splooge, spunk, the big "O",
Orgasm, Climax,
get off, cum, the big "O",
(Area between the Anus and the Genital)
garundel, grundal, taint, ass-neck, notcher (male), twernt (female), chode, gootch, spatch, scotch,
Vagina pussy, c*nt, bearded clam, beaver, cootchie, muff, k*nt, hole, area, breadbasket, vertical smile, magic muscle, cum-hole, cock-pit, passion pit, open wound, garage, love pouch, hot box, seething gash, porcupine, nappy dug-out, tunnel of love, cooter, noony, nanny, snapper, red snapper, whisker box, temple of delight, whisker biscuit, hair pie, fish taco, moist oyster, fun hole, fur burger, choot (in Hindi), magic grail, magic monkey, pink tortelini,
Clitoris clit, g-spot (some say), clitty, rabbit, love button,
Breasts, Mammary Glands boobs, knockers, tits, titties, jugs, jubblies, watermelons, shoes, rack, babies, bazookas, the guys, the gals, the girls, the twins, hoo hoo's, puppies, peaches, dirty pillows, jelly doughnuts, ta-tas (nipples), teats, udders, melons, mamme, knock-outs, chi chis, hounds, hooters
Female Arousal wet, moist
Penis dick, meat, c*ck, wang, shaft, pecker, peter, jimmy, shlong, dong, unit, rod, pole, cum rocket, sword of passion, salami, winkie, sausage, johnson, ding-a-ling, whanger, tubthumper, fireman, ding dong, flesh rocket, pocket rocket, dingle-dangle, shaboinka, white snake, one-eyed snake, one eyed willy, free willy, tally wacker, purple katana, yogurt slinger, trouser hound, magic wand, dork, skinpencil, elephant trunk, snuffeluphagus, deeder, digit, pee dee, sacred sceptor, mushroom cap, sausage, the club, tuning key, love nozzle, shaft of life, throbbing muscle of love, mommy-daddy button, magic stick, one-eyed wonder weasel,
Testicles, Gonads balls, nuts, 'nads, family jewels, go-joes, stones,
Erection boner, bone, hard-on, woody, stiffy, pitching a tent, standing at attention,
Female Homosexual, Lesbian dyke, butch, carpet muncher, bushwhacker, vegetarian, bush hog, bull dog, vaginaterian, muff diver, flat-cocker,
Male Homosexual, Gay fag, queer, queen, pillow biter, unstraight, carnivore, fruit cake, light-in-the-loafers, shirt lifter, peter eater, nancy boy, fudge packer, grindle packer, bunger, tail gunner, butt pirate, flamer, ass clown, ass bandit, butt bunny, butt bumper, broken arrow, batty boy, rump ranger, waste hole wanderer, back door bandit, sphincter proder, ring wraith, anal advocate, reverse parker, poof, poofter, woop, woopter, woof, woofter, double adapter, rectum rider, rectum raper, rectum robber, arse bandit, meat browner,
Male Heterosexual, Straight breeder, fish eater, tuna lover, closet case, in denial,
Female Prostitute call girl, hooker, whore, ho, street walker,
Male Prostitute he-whore, he-ho

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