Thursday, August 2, 2007

Sometimes a bottom must bang out a top

One night in bed I was thinking about how Mike and Mark fuck my ass like
their own personal bitch. I decided to fuck them. I was going to fuck
them and hard. It was my turn! So invited Mark over and as you will see
what happened was one hot man fuck session. I sat on the couch in the
middle of Mark and Mike and I grabbed both of their cocks. I was
rubbing their shafts through their pants and loving it. I heard Mark
say, "Mike our little bottom is ready" We all went into the bedroom and
laid on the bed. We all three stripped down to nothing and I thought I
was about to spurt. I saw these two hairy men lying next to me with
their chest hair popping out all over the place. The last time I had
seen their hair was after hours of fucking and they were all sweaty and
matted down. I almost forgot my plan. I guess once a bottom always a
bottom, I wanted these two hairy studs in my ass pumping me and fucking
me and cumming all over me. But I was not going to let that happen. I
leaned over and got on top of Mike and started to kiss his neck. I
worked my way down to his nipples and bite them aggressively. He was
panting and thrusting his hips. I could feel his hard cock pressing
against my stomach. The head of his cock wet from precum. I worked my
lips down to his cock and put the head in my mouth. His hairy stomach
rubbing against my forehead. I reached my hand over to Mark and started
to jack his cock as I sucked off Mike. Both of them were in heaven as
their bottom was taking control.

Then I made Mike lift his legs in the air and I made Mark do the same. I
demanded them to lay there with their legs in the air and wait for
their turn. They looked at each other in a wonderment of what was going
on. I spread open Mark's ass and saw his tight hole covered in hair. I
dove right in and started rimming his hole. He was loving it. Mike was
next to him still with his legs in the air and I inserted my forefinger
deep inside his hole. They both laid there and began toget an
understanding of what was going on. Mike looked at me and smiled which
told me he was ready and willing. I put his legs around my shoulders
and put the head of my cock inside his tight hole. It was so tight
because he is not used to getting fucked. I thought I would cum the
second my cock felt his tight hole. His ass was so warm and tight that
it gripped my cock and did not let go. It felt like something was
squeezing my cock and sucking it at the same time. My eyes rolled in
the back of my head. It is not everyday a bottom gets to top.

Mark was lying on his side watching as I fucked Mike. He was beginning
to sweat and it was so hot that it made my cock throb inside Mike. As I
continued to pump Mike, Mark was licking his hand and began to rub
Mike's cock. Mike was in heaven as I fucked him and Mark jacked him
off. I picked up the pace and was fucking him so hard that his hairy
pecs were bouncing up and down. His balls were touching my stomach as I
fucked this toplike he had never been fucked before. Mark got on his
knees to lower his lips on Mike's cock. He was sucking him now as I
fucked him. Mark was so full of chest hair that when I looked at him on
his knees hair was hanging off his nipples. His massive cock dangling in
midair. I took a hold of Mike's ankles and pumped him once really hard
and sat there and pumped again. Over and over I pumped him, his ass was
tight and hot and eating my hard cock. Mark sucking Mike's cock me fucking
his bung hole I could hear by his breathing that he was about to cum blast . I
pulled out my cock and pushed it back in and pulled it out and shoved
it back in and out and then pounding it back in. Each time thrusting
harder and harder. He was throwing his head from side to side and his
hairy stomach heaving. I heard him grunt, "I am getting close!" So I
pumped harder and harder and Mark sucked harder and harder and
BAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! a fresh steamy Cum flew out of Mike's huge cock all over Mark's face. It
was dripping off his chin on his forehead.Mike was shooting and
grunting and I was pumping and fucking. I pulled out of Mike's ass and
Mark laid on his back. I leaned down and licked my lovers cum off of
his face. It was warm and bitter. The taste I have grown to crave for
years was streaming down my deep throat.

Mike laid there and smiled as his ass hole was throbbing and dripping with
lube. I was on top of Mark and rubbing our bodies together. Mike
watched me as I rubbed my dripping cock all over Mark's body. I
squatted over top of Mark and rubbed my stiff cock all over his hairy body.
My massive cock got lost in the forest of chest hair that covered him. Mike was
dripping and watching and ready to see his bottom be a top for the
first time. I fliped Mark over and put him on his stomach. I lifted his
ass and slowly entered his hole. I could feel his ass hair glide
against my cock as I slide inside of him. I was all the way in when and
my big, hairy, full of cum balls rested on his ass. I made my cock


Author: Bears Bottom

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