Monday, October 29, 2007

My student Sophia !

I had recently joined as a zoology prof in a college where I went in for first day of lecture. There sat Sophia on the first bench ! The first look of this girl had my head spinning ! She was sexier then any bitch I had seen in before. She was dressed in a white tight blouse which showed off her lovely round tits prominently. As she stood up to greet me I could not stop staring at her sexy thighs which lay exposed ad she was in minies. i kept wondering what was beneath them !

It was really difficult to concentrate in the lecture. And then it happened ! I dropped my zoology book by mistake on the floor and had to bend down to pick it up. There I got a view of her lovely panties under the minies.

I continued to masturbate for many days with Sophia being my fantasy. I had fucked ner in my imagination in all the positions that I could think of. I thought only if the imagination changed to reality !

Then I got a way of doing that. Grades of sophia in zoology were pretty bad. I frightened her that if she did not study hard she might flunk in the exams. I asked her to take coaching from me to improve her grades.

Poor girl had to agree and we started daily sessions in the late evenings where I taught her zoology wondering when will I get the chance to teach her the actual zoology.

Slowly Sophia began to get free with me. Initially she used to come well dressed. But gradually she started coming in casual dresses. I had ball of a time staring at her as long as I wanted and started masturbating badly. My desire for the little bitch grew day by day.

One day it happened. It was raining heavily and the weather was all stormy. It was late evening and Sophia had come over for her class. The drops of rain could not resist clinging to her body and she was all wet. On top of it she was dressed in a low cut blouse and a mini skirt. This 18 year old chick all wet turned me on.

Sophia who had never had sex in her life was not very much aware of what was going in my mind. We sat for the coaching and I started with reproduction. When I reached to reproductive organs i could feel that she was getting concious of my stares on her boobs which were quite visible thru her wet dress.

Noticing this I put my hand on hers to turn her on. I was in all mood to satisfy my hunger for this slut tonight. Sophia protested and said she wanted to go home. I told it was too stormy to go home. She persisted with her demand to go home and went towards the door.

I closed the door and grabbed her. She was cold with fear. She begged to let her go. I blackmailed her that if she did not do what I told her to do I will see to it that she flunks in her tests. Desperate not to make me angry she started to beg before me to let her go.

I caught hold of her more tightly and got better off all her attempts to sqeeze past. Knowing that it was useless to rebel she decided to comply.

I asked her to remove her blouse. She started crying. I told her that it wont help. Reluctantly she removed her blouse leaving her in her lacy bra and skirt. This sight turned me on completely and made my cock go as thick as ever before.

I approached her and gave her a kiss. Slowly I lay her down on the couch and kissed her thighs. Then I moved my hands over her bra pinching her breasts thru her bra. This made her breasts go hard. I kissed her for a long time.

Not able to bear the hard cock in my undies I removed my pand and undies to make my cock free. Seeing the cock Sophias was dumbstruck. I could feel lust in her eyes for the cock and the longing in them to have the cock put in her cunt.

I kissed her again and could feel her reciprocating for the first time. I knew she would not be disappointed by this game of sex which she was playing for the first time.And that too with a man who had thought just about her since he had seen her.

I unclasped the bra and saw her hard nipples. Sucking her nipples her put my hand into her panty. Her cunt was all hot and wet. I removed her panty and kissed it and got mad by the smell of the liquid which had seeped into it.

Here lay a girl all naked except her tiny skirt all ready to be fucked by me. I pinched her nipples with my thumbs and could hear her sighes getting louder and louder. I could hear "Fuck me ! Satisfy me !"

This was all I wanted to hear. I put my cock into her pussy and started giving violent thrusts. She could not beleive how nicw this could feel and was running out of breath. This continued for quite some time when we both came.

We made love many times that night. Since then life has not been the same. The zoology classes have become much more entertaining and grades of Sophia getting better and better as she learns her zoology !

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