Monday, November 19, 2007

Meeting Wayne

I had spent months using a phone dating service to meet guys, unfortunatly the only thing I had been finded was dissapointment. Then one Friday night I got a message from a guy named Wayne, and figuring I didn't have anything to lose I gave him a call back. He answered the phone, which was the first good sign, after introducing myself we talked for a while to get to know a little about each other. It seems that Wayne was having the same experiance as I was when it came to the phone service. We were both a little reluctant to get together at first, but eventually decided to take a chance and hook up.
The nervousness didn't start to hit me until I pulled up in front of his place, only to intensify as I walked up to the door. I went ahead and rang the bell and Wayne answered the door almost immediatly, wearing white shorts and a t-shirt he smiled and invited me in. Wayne was around my age, 5'-9 and about 145 pounds with a somewhat slim but muscular build, clean shaven with short dark hair, exactly as he had described himself to me. He showed me around his place as we headed into the kitchen to get something to drink, showing me furniture that he had made and his collection of antique glass. He took a couple of glasses from the cabinet and filled them with water, and handing me one we hung out in the kitchen for a while. As we talked and got to know each other a little better my nervousness disappeared and I was free to enjoy what I saw in front of me. Wayne was a good looking guy, his loose t-shirt and the way he filled out his shorts, and I could tell Wayne was happy with what hesaw, the way my t-shirt fit and my faded jeans that were tight in just the right places. After a bit Wayne went to the refrigerator to refill our glasses and smiling said, "C'mon, let's go to the bedroom and watch some T.V."
I followed Wayne into the bedroom and could tell he had been hoping things would work out for a fun night. The room was dimly lit with a small blue light on the dresser, the bed was made with plenty of pillows at the headboard and the sweet smell of incense filled the air. As he walked over to the T.V. cabinet opposite the bed he showed off the room, the antique furniture and his collection of nude posters and a few framed pictures of his favorite porn stars. He turned on the T.V. and dimmed the light on the dresser, then headed to the side of the bed as I headed to the other side. Setting my glass on the table I pulled off my shirt as Wayne set the romote on the nightstand and slipped off his shirt. He climbed onto the bed and watched as I kicked off my shoes and slid me jeans off, setting them aside as I got onto the bed next to him. We both leaned back against the pillows and spent some time checking each other out. Wayne's body was tanned, smooth and toned, somewhat muscular with a nice chest and a great six-pack, adorned with a small gold ring in his belly button. Below that rode the waistband of his white shorts, which I coulc tell held a nice peice of equipment. We talked a bit more and then Wayne asked if I wanted to watch a porno movie with him and I said yes. He got up and headed for the T.V. cabinet, taking a tape off the shelve he said, "I haven't seen this one yet, but it has one of my favorite boys in it so it's bound to be good." He pushed the tape into the VCR and got back into bed, taking the remote he turned the movie on and with a smile asked, "would you mind if I took off my shorts?" Without saying a word I smiled at him as I raised my ass off the bed and slid my shorts off, tossing them onto the floor. Smiling back at me he raised his ass off the bed and slid his shorts down his legs and tossed them onto the floor, then settled back down next to me. We sat silent for a few seconds, I took in the sight of his trimmed bush and that pretty 4-inch cock laying limply over his balls, just as Wayne admired my 4-inch cock laying softly along side my balls. Wayne reached over and placed his hand on my stomach and then slowy moved down to the base of my cock and balls, as he did I ran my hand over his smooth stomach to his cock. His hand gently cupped and massaged my balls as my cock fell over his hand and I gently began caressing the velvetly soft head of his cock, then down to his balls. My cock stiffened in his hand as he stroked the length of my cock, from the tip down to my balls, following the motions of my hand on his stiff cock.
Wayne smiled and then asked me to slide down on the bed, and as I slid down staying on my back he positioned himself over me. I placed my hands on his smooth hips, steading him as he straddled my body, his cock hanging over my face as he leaned towards mine as it lay on my stomach. Wayne then went down on one elbow and I bent my knee up as his hand gently took a hold of the back of my leg, his other hand sliding across my stomach to the base of my cock and balls. I slid my hands to his ass and the small of his back, caressing his body as I raised my head to tease the head of his cock with my tongue. As he massaged the base of my cock and balls he spread his knees on the bed and lowered himself to me, bringing his cock to my mouth as he lowered his chest to my stomach. Wayne's tongue worked its way around the base of my cock to my balls, the softness of his hair brushing my thigh as he slowly teased and sucked my balls. Caressing his ass I ran my mouth along his cock to his balls, tasting his body as I gently kissed and tickled his balls with my tongue. He ran his tongue slowly along the length of my cock to the head, then I felt both hands on my ass as the warmth of his mouth engulfed my cock. I gasped slightly as he took the head of my cock to the back of his throat, and I pulled his cock into my mouth and swallowed his length as I moved towards his balls. We moaned softly as we worked each others cocks, licking and sucking every inch of each ohers cock, from the tip down to our balls.
Wayne stopped sucking my cock and slowly got up to his knees over me, holding his cock and smiling down at me said, "How'd ya like to fuck me with that pretty dick of yours?" Smiling up at him I put a hand up between his legs, running it up the crack of his ass to his tight hole, "I'd love to fuck that sweet ass of yours," I said. Then I sat up as Wayne moved around on his knees and faced headboard as I got to my knees and moved up behind him. With my hands on his waist I positioned myself between his legs and moved to him, my stiff cock brushing agaisnt his smooth round ass. Slowly I ran my hands up his back to his shouders and then back down to his sides, holding him as I pressed my body against him. My stiff cock pushed under him to the back of his balls as I pressed my chest against his back and slid my hands around to his stiff cock as he pressed his ass against my stomach. Wayne put his hands on the headboard and pushed agaisnt me as I ran a hand along his stomach and chest, gently stroking his cock with the other. Looking over his shoulder he said, "Loosen that ass up and fuck me buddy, I want that cock." He leaned forward and I placed my hands back on his ass, leaning back a bit I slid my cock back from under him as I ran a hand down his crack. He arched his back and pushed his ass to me as I slid my hand down to his waiting hole, gently caressing and circling its softness before gently pushing a finger into him. Slowly he moved against my hand, moaning softly as I worked his ass, loosening him with my fingers as I probed and massaged his hole. I moved my hand from his hot hole and held his ass in both hands, massaging and spreading him as I pushed the head of my cock agaisnt him. Looking over his shoulder we smiled at each other as I took a hold of my cock and circled his hole with the head, teasing him before slowly pushing into him. Wayne moaned as I watched the head of my cock disappear into his ass, and I slowly pulled back out. Gently loosening his tight ass with the head of my cock before pushing into him. His hot ass took a hold of my cock and I held his round ass firmly in my hands as I began to thrust my cock deeper, thrusting until his hot ass gripped my cock as I pushed my stomach against his body. Wayne pushed his head against my shoulder as I slowly fucked his ass, "Oh yea, that dick feels great, I want ya to jack me off first, make me cum then fuck me," he said softly through his moans. He kept his ass pressed against me as I slid my hands around to his stomach then down to his swollen cock and balls and to his thighs. Massaging his balls with one hand I began to stroke his cock, working the length from his balls to the head as he moved his body agaisnt me. Sliding a hand up his stomach I gently caressed his body as I stroked his cock, his body moving against mine and around my cock. Wayne reached back and held the back of my neck, pushing his head against my shoulder as his body began to tremble and I stroked his cock faster, stopping only to massage the head. I could feel his balls beginning to tighten as my hand worked his the length of his cock and he tightened his grip behind my neck as his moans intensified. I held him tight around the stomach as his trembling body began to tense, pushing hard against me as I milked his cock, bringing the cum up from his balls. Then I felt the spasm of his body against mine and around my cock as his hot load exploded against the headboard, his ass clenching my cock as I slowly squeezed his cock, the last bit of cum oozing out onto my hand. Loosening his grip on my neck he sighed and said, "Oh yea buddy, now fuck me with that cock of yours." I slid my hands around to his waist and held him firmy as I began to slowly move inside him. Running one hand up his side to his shoulder I held him as I worked his tight ass with my cock, holding him as if to pull myself up into him as he placed a hand on my waist as I moved against him. His hot ass gripped my cock as we moved against each other, pushing his ass against me as I sank into him. "Ya ready to try a different position," he asked and I slid my hand from his shoulder to his waist as I pushed into him and held his ass against me. "I'll roll you all around this bed and fuck you any way you want buddy," I said and then I slowly slid my cock from his ass.
Holding my stiff cock I sat back on my ankles as Wayne moved to the edge of the bed and sat with his feet hanging over the edge. As he leaned back, resting on his elbows we smiled at each other and I moved off the bed and stood between his legs. I ran my hands along his legs up to his thighs, gently caressing his body as I moved against the bed and slid my hands up his stomach and chest as my cock pushed against his balls. As I did he raised his legs into the air around me, bending his knees as he pulled them towards his chest. He laid back on the bed as I brought my hands back down his body to his thighs, sliding my hands around under his ass I helped him scoot a bit over the edge of the bed. Pushing my stomach and cock against his ass I ran my hands along his legs as he placed his feet against the front of my shoulders and stretched his arms out over his head. With a hand on his leg I took a hold of my cock with the other and leaned forward, pushing his legs back and raisng his ass a bit as I guided the head against his hole. Smiling at each other I slowly caressed his hole with the head of my cock before pushing my waist to him, feeling his hot hole start to swallow my swollen cock. Adjusting my feet on the floor I held his legs and then began to sink my cock into his ass, pushing my body against his as his ass swallowed the length of my cock. Wayne moaned softly and began to caress his cock as I fucked him, giving him the entire length of my cock with each thrust. It didn't take long until he was stroking his stiff cock along his stomach as I sank into him, feeling his balls slapping against my stomach as my balls hit his ass. Wayne reached out and placed his fingers on my stomach as he sroked his cock, caressing my stomach and his balls. I could feel the cum slowly beginning to build in my balls and I quickened my pace, trembling slightly as I pushed harder into him. Then Wayne reached out and took a hold of my sides as I moved, and smiling at me tighteed his grip and pulled me against him and held me, stopping my thrusts.
Smiling down at him as he held me, my throbbing cock deep in his ass he said, "C'mon, I want you up here on the bed with me." Smiling back at him I leaned back and took a hold of my cock as I pulled out of his ass, his legs slowly lowering around me. Wayne scooted back into the middle of the bed , lying back with his knees in the air and his stiff cock laying across his stomach, I climbed onto the bed. Moving between his legs on my knees I pushed agaisnt his legs as I straddled his body, resting my hands at his shoulders, my cock hanging towards his ass. Wayne put a pillow under the small of his back and I raised back to my knees as he took hold of his legs behind his knees and pulled them towards his chest, raising his ass to me. I moved closer to him, leaning back over him I hooked his leg with my arm as I rested my hand on the bed at his shoulder. Taking a hold of my stiff cock in the other hand I spread my knees a bit, adjusting and lowering myself to him, guiding my cock towards his ass. Looking each other in the eyes I pushed the head of my cock against his hole and leaned into him, his ass eagerly taking a hold of my cock. Wayne reached out and held my sides as I slid my hand along his leg and leaned forward, hooking it with my arm as I rested my hand on the bed at his shoulder. With my arms locked we looked down between our bodies, his stiff cock laying on his stomach and about 5 inches of my stiff cock waiting to sink into his ass. We looked each other in the eyes and then back down between us as Wayne took a hold of his cock and watched as I slowly buried my cock into his ass with one thrust. Wayne held my side as he stroked his cock, keeping pace with my thrusts into his ass, his balls brushing against my stomach as we moved. He had brought me to the edge and then stopped me, my balls were tight and I felt every inch of my cock as I fucked him. Looking down I watched as he stroked his cock, watching my cock as I pulled out of him and then sank back into his ass. My body began to tremble and I picked up my pace, his body moving under me as I pushed against him, feeling the cum slowly building in my cock. Moaning I sank my cock deep into his ass, grinding myself into him as the head of my cock exploded, shooting my load deep into his ass. I thrust myself against him as the spasm spread through my trembling body, shooting evey last drop of cum into his ass. Smiling down at Wayne, his balls still brushing against my stomach as he worked his cock, I went down on my elbows over him. Adjusting my knees a bit I began moving my cock in his hot ass, slowly fucking him as he stroked his cock. I coud feel his body start to tremble and he pushed his head back against the bed as I worked my cock deep in his ass. Cupping my hands over his head, our bodies moved together as I fucked him, his body tensing under me. Wayne began to moan and pushed his body against mine, his hand stroking his cock faster, slamming his balls against my stomach. His body bucked against me as he pushed his head back, moaning as he shot his load up against my chest, the spasm of his body gripping my cock. I fucked him until he had pulled the last bit of cum from his cock onto his stomach.
We laid there smiling at each other for a moment and then he placed his hands on my sides as I slid myspent cock from his ass, and laid down on my back next to him. "Well, maybe we should hit the shower and clean up. If you can stick around we'll watch a movie and get something to eat," he said with a smile.


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