Friday, December 14, 2007

transsexual" Jim and Steve"

Steve and Jim had grown up together and, in true friendship, had shared everything in their eighteen years. In looks they were quite opposite -- Jim was of medium height, slim and dark haired while Steve was a blonde, somewhat taller and heavier. In outlook, it turned out, they were identical. One weekend during Spring break, Steve called Jim up on the phone and invited Jim to spend the weekend. With his parents out of town, Steve had decided that he didn't want to sit home alone all the time and decided that he and Jim could at least "hang out" for a couple of days. Jim agreed that it sounded like fun and, packing a bag, headed for Steve's house. Once there, Jim settled into the extra bed in Steve's room and the two friends decided to catch a quick swim. They changed into their suits and headed for the backyard where they quickly jumped in and swam a few laps. Pulling themselves out onto the deck, Steve and Jim lay back to let the sun dry them while they talked, as usual, about everything that came to mind. Again, as usual, the conversation turned to sex and the boys decided to watch some of Steve's dad's porno VCR tapes. They went into the den and Steve set up the machine, then sat down on the couch next to Jim as the tape began to play. The first tape was rather tame -- two guys and a girl fucking and sucking their heads off. Even though it was mild, both boys began to get hard-ons and, unconciously, began rubbing their cocks through their now dry swim trunks. Carefully, perhaps because they were embarassed, they avoided looking directly at each other but, out of the corners of their eyes, both boys snuck more than a glance at each other's bulges. When the first movie ended, Steve, with his hard-on clearly outlined in his racing trunks, walked over and put a second one on. This movie was a lot better -- it featured two guys who, meeting at a health club, became more than close friends.

As the two guys on the screen began kissing and undressing each other, Jim surprised both of them by turning to Steve and asking if they could try that, too. After thinking it over for a moment, Steve agreed that it was something they probably should try and suggested that they go ahead and do everything that the guys on the screen were doing. Their minds made up, the two friends stood up and tentatively put their arms around each other. As they pressed their bodies together, their hard, young cocks ground into each other and their breathing quickened. Jim was the first to make a move -- he reached down and gently squeezed Steve's young ass. Steve, not to be outdone, began to slowly lower Jim's trunks until he felt Jim's straining cock leap into his own belly. He reached down between them and began to slowly stroke Jim's tool, feeling it get harder and harder with each movement of his hand. Jim, not to be outdone, reached under Steve's shorts and began playing with Steve's cock and balls. Deciding to get more comfortable, the two boys broke apart for the few moments it took to lie down on the carpeted floor, then moved back into each other's embrace as they looked at the VCR to see what they were to do next. On the screen, one guy was on his knees licking and sucking the other man's straining cock so Steve, never the shy one, pulled Jim to his knees and bent down to get to work. Steve slowly licked up and down Jim's dick, tasting the spunk that Jim had left there after his morning beat-off session. Deciding to go even further, and really getting into the part, Steve then began licking Jim's balls, gently taking them into his mouth one at a time while running a finger over Jim's puckered, virgin asshole. Jim was almost ready to cum with just this action and, when Steve's sucking mouth went back to his dick, he couldn't hold it. Grabbing Steve's head in both of his hands, Jim began face-fucking his friend, moving his hips in and out of Steve's mouth and moaning about how goo d it felt and how he didn't want it to stop.

Suddenly, feeling his cum rise from his tight youthful balls, Jim moaned "I'm cumming! Keep sucking, please! Oh, God, it feels so good! Keep sucking -- moving -- yeah, that's it, yes-s-s-s-s-s-s!" With a last thrust, Jim felt his cum move through his rigid dick and into Steve's sucking mouth. Steve, a little suprised by the force of Jim's cum, managed to swallow all of it and, after checking out the VCR from the corner of his eye, began l icking Jim's dick clean. Gradually, Jim's cock began to soften although, because of Steve's gentle licking, it never did get completely soft. After he had caught his breath, Jim looked at Steve and said "That was the BEST! I didn't know you knew how to suck cock -- where did you learn?" Steve replied, "That was my first time -- did I really do OK? Did you really like it?" Jim just smiled and said "Lay back -- your cock is still hard so it's my turn to make you cum." Pushing Steve back onto the rug, Jim lay on top of him with their dicks rubbing together and began exploring his friend's body. Being somewhat dark complected, he was fascinated with the blonde, almost white peach fuzz that covered Steve's body. Jim decided to make this last and began gently licking Steve's nipples, first the left one then the right until both of them stood out from his friend's chest like little erasers. Seeing that Steve had closed his eyes and was enjoying the attention, Jim continued licking on down Steve's body until he reached the forest of blonde hair from the center of which spouted his friend's huge dick. Gently, Jim began licking just the tip and the sensitive underside of the plum-sized head, then worked his way down the thick shaft until his tongue was lapping at Steve's large, fuzz- covered balls. Remembering what Steve had done to him, Jim took each of Steve's balls into his mouth and gently sucked them. He then went back to the head of Steve's dick and began to gently lower his head over the delicious looking cock until he had swallowed it all. Moving gently, Jim began to slowly move his head back and forth, in and out and, at the same time, began probing for the other boy's asshole. All of this action had Jim's dick hard again and he decided that he would give his friend a special treat. He took his mouth off of Steve's straining cock and, when his friend opened his eyes in protest, motioned for Steve to turn over onto his stomach. Steve did so and Jim began to slowly lick Steve's asshole, getting it ready for what was to follow.

When he saw that his friend's asshole was well lubricated, he placed the head of his engorged cock against it and slowly began pushing until he had about half of his six inches buried in his friend's ass. Pausing for a second to let Steve get used to the feeling, he suddenly thrust his entire length into Steve's ass and began fucking him passionately. He also reached around Steve's moaning body and started beating him off, keeping a regular rhythm and trying to make them both cum together. After just a few moments of this hot action, Jim felt the cum rise from his balls once again and felt his friend's hot cock get even harder. Suddenly, Jim felt his spunk spurt from his straining cock into Steve's clenching asshole and, at almost exactly the same time, felt the warm, sticky fluid surging from Steve's cock all over his hand. It took quite a while before both boys had calmed down and Jim's now soft cock had slid from Steve's asshole. They lay there together, Jim's leg thrown over Steve's now soft cock while they talked about how they both had had wet dreams thinking of doing this with each other. They decided then and there that girls were probably OK, but that they really loved each other and would get together to fuck and suck as much and as often as they could.

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