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My Uncle Steve

my uncle steve
Submitted by sexy steph last December 9th 2007, 09:12 AM
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will always remember my 1 st time it was the day after my 16th birthday...
My uncle Steve was stayin with us as he was over from Australia , he,s my Dad s younger brother..6ft 2 . 42" chest 32" waist and hot as hell, strange as he looked just like my Dad just younger .
I came home from school 2 find him lying by the pool and my parents were still in work.Remember him callin out for a drink and i did so . Took the beer over to my uncle who was laid out on a sun lounger wearing only a pair of speedo,s god he was hot all toned and tanned , i couldnt take my eyes of his speedo,s the bulge in them was huge.
Having changed in to my swim shorts i dived into the pool, and stood at the side talkin 2 him and staring up between his legs, at his beautiful crotch. Steve became aware of what i was doing and sat up , giving me a perfect view.
I could see a stiring in his pouch and could feel myself turning red , within seconds he had dived in over my head and appeared next 2 me in the pool.
He said nothing smiled , grabbed my face and kissed me pasionatly it was amazing , could taste the lager in his mouth as his tongue softly darted in and around my Mouth.I was weak with lust and instantly put my hand 2 his god he was huge , about 9" and we continued to imbrace and kiss he swiftly pulled my costume off and lifted me onto the side of the pool, while there he grabbed my errect cook and slowly went down on me, licking around my piss hole and massaging my balls , it felt amazing within minutes i was groanin and without warning expolded into his mouth , i was suprised when he continued sucking and greedily swallowed every last drop..He then jumped up beside me and spoke for the first time , saying right then sexy its ur turn..
He laid flat out on the poolside with his huge cock errect like a mast i couldnt wait to start suckin it and i did tasted of chlorine from the pool , but that didnt stop me eatin him in the most delicous manner i felt so grown up with my lips bouncing off his balls . taking all his engorged cock into my throat and mouth it felt amazing.
After about 5 mins of this he pulled me off quite ubruptly and told me to get on all fours which i hesitantly did.
It was then he started licking and sucking my tight virgin hole..My legs were shakin and my cock was throbbin as it felt fuckin amazin .He stopped and i could them feel him rubbin his cock against hole and this was causing me to shake , he lent forward kissed my neck and slowly started to enter me , it hurt like hell but was also delightful , he was very gentle and was slowly fuckin me puttin more and more into my arse each time.Within minutes i was buckin against him like a pro enjoying every thrust and grunt that came from him. We fucked like this for a good 10 minutes before he turned me on my back, holdin me tight and kissing me passionatly while he continued to pound my arse after a few minutes he tensed up , groaned and filled me with his man cream , kissing me all the time. It was the most amazin day off my life and i ve enjoyed every minute of it..
That was 15 yrs ago and i ve been fuckin uncle Steve every time i ve seen him ever since , he , s 55 know and still as hot as fuck .......

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