Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Mr. Handyman

I was doing some handyman work in the local area and there was one particular lady that called me all the time for the smallest of jobs. Could I change a light bulb or could I move this and that. But she paid me and that is what my job is all about.

She called me one really hot day and said the pool cleaner was not working. I went over and checked it out; it was a simple fix but the pool looked so inviting. I emptied everything from my pockets into my toolbox and went back to check the pool cleaner again. She asked if it was fixed yet and I told her it just needed another adjustment. I leaned forward to grab the cleaner and fell (on purpose) into the pool. As I came to the side of the pool she asked if I was ok and to come inside and get out of my wet clothes. We went inside and she told me there was a robe in the spare bedroom I could change into. I got out of my wet clothes and put the robe on; it was a tiny sheer robe, which barely covered my arse, and then I went back outside. I had left my wet briefs on and told her as long as I was wet I may as well use the pool. She said I may as well as she didn't use it anymore. I dove in and enjoyed the refreshing water and she went back inside to play solitaire on the computer.

The sun and the pool had me so horny that I slipped my briefs off and swam naked. The cool water around my cock and balls had me as hard as a rock. She came out to the pool and asked if I would like a beer and it was then she must have seen my hardness. She remarked how clean the pool was and how clear the water was. I got out of the pool and put the flimsy robe on without drying myself and it clung to my body like a second skin. She came out with a couple of beers and we sat by the pool just chatting. Her eyes kept darting towards the top of my legs and I realized that the robe being so short barely covered me when I sat down.

The combination of the pool, sun, and beer had me feeling pretty relaxed except for one part of me, which was rock hard. She got up to get another couple of beers but seemed a long time in returning. When she came out she had changed into a robe similar to the one I was wearing and we sat down to enjoy our beers. We chatted about everything and nothing and then she went back inside to her computer. I slipped off the robe and went back into the pool to cool my cock down.

There was something about this lady that I couldn't figure out. She was about fifty and had a really good figure. So why was she alone? Strange, I thought, but that was her choice. She came out again with another couple of beers and noticed she had changed into a robe similar to the one I was wearing and sat on the edge of the pool near the step with her feet in the water. I swam over and sat on the step in front of her and we drank our beers. Every time I looked at
her I noticed her looking at my cock, which refused to go down and rather than feel embarrassed, I felt proud.
She was thirsty and went to get another couple of beers and came back to the step again. As she sipped on her beer I took the chance to peek up her robe and there was this delicious little cock hiding under her robe. I started to talk about some videos I had seen recently about shemales and how good they looked. She seemed interested and I offered to show her next time I was over.

The talk, beer, water, and pool had its desired effect on me. I was still hard and very horny and I noticed that her little cock seemed to be growing and I needed to se more of it. I got up out of the pool with my back to her and slipped on my robe. She asked me to get more beer while I was up and I went inside to get them. I thought, how can I get her into the pool?

I came back out with the beers and put them on the side of the pool and then pretended to trip over. As I did I fell against her knocking her into the water. She screamed but was only shocked and I jumped in and grabbed her and took her inside. She seemed a little dazed and I sat her on the bed telling her I would have to take her wet robe off. She offered no resistance as I peeled the robe from her and I was greeted by this gorgeous set of tits and a delicious looking little cock and smooth balls. I laid her back and gently took her cock in mouth and rolled my tongue over the head. Her legs spread and I moved down to lick her smooth balls. I then lifted her legs and my tongue darted in and out of her little hole. Her cock had grown to about five inches and was rock hard as I licked up and down her shaft.

She asked me to enter her and I did so with much passion. At first I moved slowly. In and out and each time she would meet my thrusts. I started stroking her as I slid in and out and it wasn't long before I spurted hot cum inside her and she exploded all over her stomach and tits.

I pulled out of her and we lay on the bed just holding each other.

I suggested a shower and we went into the bathroom and got under the shower together. I soaped up my hands and ran them all over her slim body and she did the same to me. It wasn't long before we were both aroused again but this time she had another surprise for me. She took hold of her cock and pointed it at me and let go with a warm stream of piss. Her golden fluids covered me and I grabbed my cock and did the same to her. We hugged each other in the shower and she asked me to get a towel for her. I leaned over to get the towel and suddenly felt her body against mine. I spread my legs a little and she entered me. It was such a fantastic feeling. As she thrust in and out of me with her tiny balls slapping against my arse, I reached down and pulled my self to another orgasm.
We got out of the shower exhausted and went into her bedroom and lay down together. This was a dream come true.

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