Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Teacher Lady Had a Dick

Sure, Mr. Jones, I'd be happy to tell what I know. I don't want anything to
stand between me and graduating. All of this happened this academic year. I
was in Miss Presley's honors English class, and for reasons I couldn't
figure out at the time, I seemed to be her pet. She was always glancing my
way -- not with one of those sinister expressions, not like a teacher
watching a problem student, but with very pleasant expressions and smiles.

Her class revolved around creative writing, essays, and a term paper.
Because she put her heart into her work and really cared about students,
Miss Presley went more than an extra mile to help serious students. She
frequently asked me to come to her room before school or after to hear
suggestions for making my writing "tighter, more focused." Well, I was so
dumb that it took a few days for me to catch on to her unspoken message.

During an afternoon session, she placed her left hand on my thigh as we
were sitting side by side at her desk going over my assignments. It didn't
take much for me to throw a boner. Sorry, sir, I don't know how else to say
it. Anyway, I was suddenly sporting a tent that couldn't be mistaken for
anything else. I was embarrassed and afraid she might notice -- I really
liked this teacher, she did a good job, and didn't want to offend her.

She was wearing a "sun dress" that day. I guess that's what they're called.
It had an open, elastic neckline that must have plunged to China. I noticed
that the bra she'd been wearing that morning was now gone. Her nipples were
hard as bullets. I didn't remember much of anything she said that
afternoon. Occasionally, she leaned over to pick up a paper, and her left
breast brushed my arm several times.

I will never forget the perfume she wore (I never found out what it was
called), but I still get a hard-on and all "gooshy" about Miss Presley even
when I catch the slightest scent of it.

The affair began a little later that afternoon. She said something like:
"Tim, you're one of my best students, and I need help grading essays. I
know I shouldn't ask, but is there anyway you can help? You look like a
mature young man, so -- if we keep it a secret -- I might have some beer or
something stronger to offer." So, I ran to the school's only pay phone and
told my folks I'd be late due to band practice.

I met Miss Presley at her home, and I suggested bourbon and Coke, and she
made two strong drinks -- both pretty generous with the Jack Daniels. Her
place was small -- a kitchen, living room, bath, and a bedroom. She excused
herself to go change, and I had a seat and enjoyed the drink.

From my vantage point on the sofa, I could see a full-length mirror that
reflected her as she changed into a see-through teddy or whatever they're
called. She hadn't closed the bedroom door and obviously knew that I could
see her. Excuse me for saying this, but I got even more aroused -- she had
the most beautiful ass I've ever seen, and I could see her breasts swinging
as she changed. Oh... sorry, I didn't mean to stay from the topic.

When she returned to the living room, she sat next to me, grasped my cock,
er.... penis, and French kissed me. I met her tongue and then she sucked
hard -- with some serious torque -- until I was afraid she was going to
suck my tongue out by the roots. I explored her mouth and fondled her
breasts, and when she pulled back for a little oxygen, she said something
like, "I'll bet you've never been kissed like that by any of your little
teen-aged girlfriends." I see you're throwing a tent; now you know why I
was doing the same thing.

Anyway, she opened my fly and began smearing precum all over my cockhead,
and I warned her that I couldn't hold on much longer. Then she sort of
pinched the base of my cock somehow and asked me not to cum yet, that it
would be worth the wait. She asked, "What do you think is the body's
largest sex organ?" And I replied, "Right now, it's gotta be my cock. God I
gotta cum, and I want to be inside you when it happens!"

"Wrong answer," she said: "It's the brain. Let me show you something." She
directed me to stand up, remove my clothing, and to turn around, facing
away from her, with my eyes closed. She reached into a dried flower
arrangement (I later found out), and she ever so lightly brushed my balls
with an ostrich feather. Wow. Man, it was immediate goose flesh and my dick
just waggled like a happy puppy. Then I felt nothing for a moment, and then
I felt the feather fluttering slowly, gently, between my ass cheeks. This
continued for quite a while, with her describing what she wanted to do with
me, making me hotter, while tickling my nipples with the feather, and on
and on.

Next, she asked about my sexual experience, which wasn't much, and then the
asked something weird. She said, "Have you ever sucked dick?" I was kinda
thrown for a loop and I said no. She asked me to go down on her. Well, I
jumped at the chance. I got down in front of her and began kissing her
thighs and moving her night gown up a little at a time. It was almost
see-through, and I began to think something wasn't quite right. As it
turned out, she had a dick! Yes sir, that's no mistake -- a cock about 8 or
more inches long, and it was drooling pre-cum, and kinda moving with her
pulse, I guess. Well, I kept sitting there because I was frozen in shock.

What's that again, sir? Far as I recall, she was shaved and "groomed" down
there -- like I said, I could smell the old-fashioned Prell shampoo all
mingled with her scent. Her public hair was soft like she'd taken her cunt
to a hair dresser. OOOPs! Sorry, sir. Anyway, my poor dick was suffering --
about like yours looks right now. It's gotta be mighty tight in those
pants. I was dripping heavily onto the carpet. I don't know about you, but
nobody was there but the two of us and when you think nobody will ever
know, no telling what you might do. I mean, I can see right now you've got
a wet spot on the front of your pants, so you know exactly how it is.

What did I do? Hell, I dove right in there and swallowed her cock like I
was a born pussy boy slut. I took to it instantly. A woman with huge tits
and a dick, with balls the size of small eggs -- heck, I didn't know or
think anything about queer, straight, or any of that; I just sucked for all
I was worth.

I'm sorry, could you please repeat the question? Oh, well, I scooted her
butt forward and must've sucked her for 20 minutes, just slow and easy,
kinda teasing her, slurping her pre-cum. She spread her legs wider and
started fucking my throat. I thought I might gag, but, hell, I must not
have a gag reflex.

Huh? No, I don't mind at all, just loosen your pants and get comfortable.

Why, yeah, come to think of it, I'm mighty tight around the crotch too, so
I think I'll take you up on that. I never thought I'd be naked showing my
hard-on in the superintendent's office.

Since this is just between us, she had a perfect cock. Lot of veins It was
about as long as yours there, but you leak a lot more pre-cum. Yeah, I
wrapped my tongue around her pecker and picked up the pace, letting her
slam that thing down my throat. She got to moaning loud, and I didn't want
her to cum right then, so I moved down and rimmed her ass, otherwise she
was going to throatfuck me and shoot any second. Huh? Oh, yep, her ass was
completely hairless or shaven, and her skin was soft as a baby's. Her ass
and ass cheeks tasted great. Sexiest taste I'd ever had.

Would I demonstrate how I sucked her off? Yes sir. I'll do anything to stay
out of trouble. Here, let me get between your legs and show you. Uh-uh,
man, that is good. Big head on that thing. Let me nibble your balls....
Sir, you taste wonderful. Hold on a minute and I'll let you throatfuck me
so you can see what she was going through. Go ahead, fuck my face hard....

MMMmmmm..... that was a hell of a big load. Of course I swallow all the
time now.... No, I had no idea how to suck dick or eat pussy.... like I
say, I just discovered I had, er..., the ability. Thank you for the kind
words, sir, and, yes, I'll be glad to come by regularly for these chats.
Here, it's dripping just a tad, let me get that for you.

No, no, I appreciate it, but money is no concern. Like you said, we're just
friends. But there is something you could do for me. Keep Ms. Presley --
she's a great teacher.

No, I mean't no disrespect, but then again I'd hate it like hell if it got
out that you were face-fucking a student. Oh, yeah, you've definitely got
my word on that -- don't punish or fire her and my lips are sealed; when
they aren't around your cock, of course.

Hmmm... I can't really say how many times; I think she and I got it on
maybe 50 times. It was the best school year of my life.

Yes sir, thank you for having me over. I didn't notice the time gettin'
away -- I was about to be late for my meeting with Ms. Presley.

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Saturday, December 29, 2007

My Uncle Steve

my uncle steve
Submitted by sexy steph last December 9th 2007, 09:12 AM
Category: First Time Stories

will always remember my 1 st time it was the day after my 16th birthday...
My uncle Steve was stayin with us as he was over from Australia , he,s my Dad s younger brother..6ft 2 . 42" chest 32" waist and hot as hell, strange as he looked just like my Dad just younger .
I came home from school 2 find him lying by the pool and my parents were still in work.Remember him callin out for a drink and i did so . Took the beer over to my uncle who was laid out on a sun lounger wearing only a pair of speedo,s god he was hot all toned and tanned , i couldnt take my eyes of his speedo,s the bulge in them was huge.
Having changed in to my swim shorts i dived into the pool, and stood at the side talkin 2 him and staring up between his legs, at his beautiful crotch. Steve became aware of what i was doing and sat up , giving me a perfect view.
I could see a stiring in his pouch and could feel myself turning red , within seconds he had dived in over my head and appeared next 2 me in the pool.
He said nothing smiled , grabbed my face and kissed me pasionatly it was amazing , could taste the lager in his mouth as his tongue softly darted in and around my Mouth.I was weak with lust and instantly put my hand 2 his god he was huge , about 9" and we continued to imbrace and kiss he swiftly pulled my costume off and lifted me onto the side of the pool, while there he grabbed my errect cook and slowly went down on me, licking around my piss hole and massaging my balls , it felt amazing within minutes i was groanin and without warning expolded into his mouth , i was suprised when he continued sucking and greedily swallowed every last drop..He then jumped up beside me and spoke for the first time , saying right then sexy its ur turn..
He laid flat out on the poolside with his huge cock errect like a mast i couldnt wait to start suckin it and i did tasted of chlorine from the pool , but that didnt stop me eatin him in the most delicous manner i felt so grown up with my lips bouncing off his balls . taking all his engorged cock into my throat and mouth it felt amazing.
After about 5 mins of this he pulled me off quite ubruptly and told me to get on all fours which i hesitantly did.
It was then he started licking and sucking my tight virgin hole..My legs were shakin and my cock was throbbin as it felt fuckin amazin .He stopped and i could them feel him rubbin his cock against hole and this was causing me to shake , he lent forward kissed my neck and slowly started to enter me , it hurt like hell but was also delightful , he was very gentle and was slowly fuckin me puttin more and more into my arse each time.Within minutes i was buckin against him like a pro enjoying every thrust and grunt that came from him. We fucked like this for a good 10 minutes before he turned me on my back, holdin me tight and kissing me passionatly while he continued to pound my arse after a few minutes he tensed up , groaned and filled me with his man cream , kissing me all the time. It was the most amazin day off my life and i ve enjoyed every minute of it..
That was 15 yrs ago and i ve been fuckin uncle Steve every time i ve seen him ever since , he , s 55 know and still as hot as fuck .......

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Friday, December 14, 2007

transsexual" Jim and Steve"

Steve and Jim had grown up together and, in true friendship, had shared everything in their eighteen years. In looks they were quite opposite -- Jim was of medium height, slim and dark haired while Steve was a blonde, somewhat taller and heavier. In outlook, it turned out, they were identical. One weekend during Spring break, Steve called Jim up on the phone and invited Jim to spend the weekend. With his parents out of town, Steve had decided that he didn't want to sit home alone all the time and decided that he and Jim could at least "hang out" for a couple of days. Jim agreed that it sounded like fun and, packing a bag, headed for Steve's house. Once there, Jim settled into the extra bed in Steve's room and the two friends decided to catch a quick swim. They changed into their suits and headed for the backyard where they quickly jumped in and swam a few laps. Pulling themselves out onto the deck, Steve and Jim lay back to let the sun dry them while they talked, as usual, about everything that came to mind. Again, as usual, the conversation turned to sex and the boys decided to watch some of Steve's dad's porno VCR tapes. They went into the den and Steve set up the machine, then sat down on the couch next to Jim as the tape began to play. The first tape was rather tame -- two guys and a girl fucking and sucking their heads off. Even though it was mild, both boys began to get hard-ons and, unconciously, began rubbing their cocks through their now dry swim trunks. Carefully, perhaps because they were embarassed, they avoided looking directly at each other but, out of the corners of their eyes, both boys snuck more than a glance at each other's bulges. When the first movie ended, Steve, with his hard-on clearly outlined in his racing trunks, walked over and put a second one on. This movie was a lot better -- it featured two guys who, meeting at a health club, became more than close friends.

As the two guys on the screen began kissing and undressing each other, Jim surprised both of them by turning to Steve and asking if they could try that, too. After thinking it over for a moment, Steve agreed that it was something they probably should try and suggested that they go ahead and do everything that the guys on the screen were doing. Their minds made up, the two friends stood up and tentatively put their arms around each other. As they pressed their bodies together, their hard, young cocks ground into each other and their breathing quickened. Jim was the first to make a move -- he reached down and gently squeezed Steve's young ass. Steve, not to be outdone, began to slowly lower Jim's trunks until he felt Jim's straining cock leap into his own belly. He reached down between them and began to slowly stroke Jim's tool, feeling it get harder and harder with each movement of his hand. Jim, not to be outdone, reached under Steve's shorts and began playing with Steve's cock and balls. Deciding to get more comfortable, the two boys broke apart for the few moments it took to lie down on the carpeted floor, then moved back into each other's embrace as they looked at the VCR to see what they were to do next. On the screen, one guy was on his knees licking and sucking the other man's straining cock so Steve, never the shy one, pulled Jim to his knees and bent down to get to work. Steve slowly licked up and down Jim's dick, tasting the spunk that Jim had left there after his morning beat-off session. Deciding to go even further, and really getting into the part, Steve then began licking Jim's balls, gently taking them into his mouth one at a time while running a finger over Jim's puckered, virgin asshole. Jim was almost ready to cum with just this action and, when Steve's sucking mouth went back to his dick, he couldn't hold it. Grabbing Steve's head in both of his hands, Jim began face-fucking his friend, moving his hips in and out of Steve's mouth and moaning about how goo d it felt and how he didn't want it to stop.

Suddenly, feeling his cum rise from his tight youthful balls, Jim moaned "I'm cumming! Keep sucking, please! Oh, God, it feels so good! Keep sucking -- moving -- yeah, that's it, yes-s-s-s-s-s-s!" With a last thrust, Jim felt his cum move through his rigid dick and into Steve's sucking mouth. Steve, a little suprised by the force of Jim's cum, managed to swallow all of it and, after checking out the VCR from the corner of his eye, began l icking Jim's dick clean. Gradually, Jim's cock began to soften although, because of Steve's gentle licking, it never did get completely soft. After he had caught his breath, Jim looked at Steve and said "That was the BEST! I didn't know you knew how to suck cock -- where did you learn?" Steve replied, "That was my first time -- did I really do OK? Did you really like it?" Jim just smiled and said "Lay back -- your cock is still hard so it's my turn to make you cum." Pushing Steve back onto the rug, Jim lay on top of him with their dicks rubbing together and began exploring his friend's body. Being somewhat dark complected, he was fascinated with the blonde, almost white peach fuzz that covered Steve's body. Jim decided to make this last and began gently licking Steve's nipples, first the left one then the right until both of them stood out from his friend's chest like little erasers. Seeing that Steve had closed his eyes and was enjoying the attention, Jim continued licking on down Steve's body until he reached the forest of blonde hair from the center of which spouted his friend's huge dick. Gently, Jim began licking just the tip and the sensitive underside of the plum-sized head, then worked his way down the thick shaft until his tongue was lapping at Steve's large, fuzz- covered balls. Remembering what Steve had done to him, Jim took each of Steve's balls into his mouth and gently sucked them. He then went back to the head of Steve's dick and began to gently lower his head over the delicious looking cock until he had swallowed it all. Moving gently, Jim began to slowly move his head back and forth, in and out and, at the same time, began probing for the other boy's asshole. All of this action had Jim's dick hard again and he decided that he would give his friend a special treat. He took his mouth off of Steve's straining cock and, when his friend opened his eyes in protest, motioned for Steve to turn over onto his stomach. Steve did so and Jim began to slowly lick Steve's asshole, getting it ready for what was to follow.

When he saw that his friend's asshole was well lubricated, he placed the head of his engorged cock against it and slowly began pushing until he had about half of his six inches buried in his friend's ass. Pausing for a second to let Steve get used to the feeling, he suddenly thrust his entire length into Steve's ass and began fucking him passionately. He also reached around Steve's moaning body and started beating him off, keeping a regular rhythm and trying to make them both cum together. After just a few moments of this hot action, Jim felt the cum rise from his balls once again and felt his friend's hot cock get even harder. Suddenly, Jim felt his spunk spurt from his straining cock into Steve's clenching asshole and, at almost exactly the same time, felt the warm, sticky fluid surging from Steve's cock all over his hand. It took quite a while before both boys had calmed down and Jim's now soft cock had slid from Steve's asshole. They lay there together, Jim's leg thrown over Steve's now soft cock while they talked about how they both had had wet dreams thinking of doing this with each other. They decided then and there that girls were probably OK, but that they really loved each other and would get together to fuck and suck as much and as often as they could.

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