Saturday, May 17, 2008

Daddy's Pussyboy

I was one of those little boys who always wanted to play with the dolls
and my mom would dress me up in pretty girls' clothes and tell me I was
daddy's little girlboy..And it was a secret that I couldn't tell
anyone. Sometimes she would put her makeup on me and put on lacy panties
and a tiny skirt and pretty blouse with fluffy sleeves.

Then daddy would put me on his lap and love and kiss me, sometimes
kissing my tummy all over and lick me inside my panties. Mommy would sit
on the floor in front of us and have her hand in his shorts and I could
feel her petting him, too. I could feel his hard thing he called his
cock and he would sometimes take it out and rub it on me. Mommy would
kiss it and suck on it and he would shoot stuff out of it and get her wet
all over her face and in her mouth. Sometimes she would take her top and
bra off and he would stick it between her big titties and slide it back
and forth. He would put it between my legs under my skirt and into my
panties pushing it against my hole there and get me wet all over my
bottom, too. We had a lot of fun with daddy's cock.

When I was about 7 years old, mommy really dressed me up, makeup and all
and I was the prettiest she had ever been, she said. She said that
tonight daddy was going to teach me how to be a real big girl.

After she dressed me up in my pretty blouse and short skirt, and just
before she put on my lace panties, she took a tube of something and
pressed it against my hole back there and pushed a lot of stuff around in
there. She said that was my boy ussy, just like her girl pussy and it
needed to be really wet for daddy tonight when he teaches my to be his
big girl.

I was really worried because it got my panties wet, but she said not to
worry. We went into their bedroom this time and daddy was sitting on the
edge of the bed in just his undies and reached out and pulled me to him,
hugging and kissing me, calling me his pretty little girl.

He started kissing me all over my face and then swung me around so that I
was lying on the bed. He took my blouse off and sucked on my titties and
it felt so good. Mom was right there beside us kissing my face and
licking my ear and she had her hand down into my skirt and undies where I
peed and was stroking it like she did daddy's, calling it my babygirl
cock. Then she pulled my undies off and began to suck on me.. I got hard
like daddy and he laughed and told my mom she sucked well. He was so

Then daddy took off his undies and got between my legs and spread them
out and up high. His big thing, his cock was long and hard and he said he
used it to fuck mommy and it was for him to fuck the girls he loved. He
said he loved me and I was his best girl and he was going to fuck me like
he did mommy.

He rubbed it against my hole and pushed against it hard, but I cried when
it hurt.It wouldn't go in and he told mom to get ready to show me how to
fuck his cock.

Then Mommy took her clothes off and lay next to me, spreading her legs,
saying this is how good girls fuck for daddy.

He pushed his cock into her girl hole and began to push in real fast and
hard while mommy groaned and smiled for me.

Then suddenly he pulled his cock out of her hole and she moved real fast
and he put it in her mouth and began to do the same humping in her
mouth.. He yelled out that he was doing it and held her by the head and
pushed it all the way in and began shooting his wet stuff into her

When he was done, he pulled it out and told me to lick it clean. I guess
I did it ok because he smiled at me while I licked his cock and balls.

Mommy kissed me then and she still had lots of his wet stuff that she
moved to my mouth. It tasted good.

Daddy put lotion on his fingers and got between my legs again and put
one of his fingers into my hole real fast and I cried as he moved it in
and out and then he had two fingers in there and was going in and out
real fast, He moved his fingers around, making my hole wider I think. He
moved a third finger in and I cried real loud and tried to get away but
mommy held me down as he finger fucked my hole. Suddenly he pulled out
his fingers and pushed his cock into me. It was so quick, I hardly knew
it happened. There was a loud pop as the big fat head of it went into my
hole. I cried that it hurt but he began to push it into me hard and fast
and before I knew what to do, his whole thing was inside me, fucking me
like he did mommy , pushing it in and out of my hole until I was grunting
and groaning as his huge cock went all the way down inside me.

He and mom laughed and he rolled over with me on top, stuck on his hard
cockstick. Mommy kissed me and told me I was a wonderful pussygirl now.
Daddy held me by my bottom and slid me up and down, over and over.. I was
so wet there^�I had peed and made everything wet but mommy and daddy
said it was fine, just keep letting daddy fuck your pretty pussy.

Mommy put on my blouse again and I still had on my pretty skirt that was
getting wet at the bottom. Daddy was really making me go fast and he
rolled us over and got my legs over his shoulders and was holding me by
my hips, fucking my girlpussy really fast. The pain was still here, but t
was dull now and daddy was so happy to fuck me that I started to cry.

He spun me around and I was kneeling now n all fours as he fucked me from
behind, holding me tight on my shoulders. what a tight cunt, he was
saying, what a tight pussy, my little fuck girl is taking daddy's cock
all the way to my balls, what a fucking little slut you are,loving to be
fucked.. Oh, baby take it in your girlie cunt.... Daddy was talking so

Mommy was lying there right in front of me with her fingers in her pussy
pushing them in and out and hen she arched her back and moaned that she
was coming...

Then he cried out that he was going to shoot his load into me and I felt
hot gushes of his wet stuff spurting into me really hot and hard.

Yes, Baby, mom cried, you have been fucked by daddy now . You are a real
daddy's pussyboy now. His little girl^�^�.she took her wet fingers and
ut them in my mouth and I sucked he juice on them, knowing that mommy
wanted me to have her juice.

Daddy pulled his cock out of my bottom and mom sucked on it for him^�.
Then he pulled it away from her mouth and told me to suck on it, to be
his baby cocksucker. Mom helped me and showed me how to hold his balls
and suck on the head and stroke his cock with my hands.

Mom and I played with daddy's cock until it got real hard and big again
and he took it out of my mouth and made mom lay on the bed and spread
her legs and got me to lay between her legs and she pulled my little cock
into her pussy and daddy got behind me and pushed his hard stick into my
bottom again and this time it went in fast and hard.

When he pushed down into me, my body pushed against mom's pussy and they
laughed and said that daddy was fucking both his girls at the same time.
Mommy said that since daddy had already shot his cream into us twice now,
he could fuck us for a long time.

That is how I became my daddy's little girl, his fuck toy, his pussy
boy, slut girl, all the names he called me

Today, I am an adult, a woman, at home and at work, long hair, breasts,
a beautiful woman, except that I also have a long fat cock, too, just
like my daddy's. I go home about once a week and give them both a good
fuck and still love to take daddy's in my puss hole..

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