Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Trans Daniel is My Life

It was about six pm on a Saturday afternoon in early May, the trees were beginning to green and warm weather could almost be counted on. My day had been, unfortunately, typical, which is to say impossibly busy and now I was pretty sure that the model home that I was going to see had already closed. I was running up the steps to the front door when this guy was coming out. He looked at me and said. "Sorry buddy but we're closed."

"Oh fuck!" I stopped to catch my breath. Then realized that he was taking that remark personally. "Oh geez, I'm sorry!" I laughed. "It's not your fault. I just need a job with normal hours."

He smiled. "They killin ya?"

"Sometimes it feels like it."

He smiled at me again and I noticed that he had blue eyes, you know the kind that are brilliant blue with a kind of black surround that just seems to make the blue stand out even more. He held out his hand. "My name is Daniel O'Connor."

"I'm James Lapointe. Is that the same O'Connor of O'Connor Homes as in the sign out front?"

"That's me, actually it was mostly my dad up until he died a few years ago. Now it's me." He looked down for a second. "Why don't you come in and look around. It's not like anybody's waiting for me."

"Man I would really appreciate that! I can't seem to find the time during normal hours."

Daniel walked me around the model home and showed me the many variations that were possible. I told him what I liked and how I would really like to have a custom home built on land that was not necessarily part of a development. He said that they did have some land that would fit that description and that he'd be glad to show it to me.

Daniel was a stunningly good looking man, at least to me. He was short and thin, maybe 5'6" and 140 pounds with black slightly wavy hair and as he walked away from me I noticed that he had what looked to be an incredible ass. There was a quality about him, something was telling me that he was gay. Not that he was effeminate because he wasn't but there was something there.

After an hour or so of talking I said to him. "Daniel you said you didn't have anyone waiting for you. Would you like to have dinner? I don't have anyone waiting either."

Daniel looked at me and smiled. "Yeah.....I think I'd like that." God he's got a pretty mouth!

I walked over to him. "We could take my car," I pointed toward the door. "it's just out front." He was looking up at me with those gorgeous blue eyes.

I was fiddling with the keys in my coat pocket and I suddenly wanted to kiss this guy so bad. "Damn! Look if I'm wrong here, please forgive me." I reached over and put my hand behind his neck and drew him slowly to me. I was lowering my head and thank god he was opening his mouth slightly. I kissed him soooooo gently, our lips just touching, a whisper. "Oh god!"

He was looking into my eyes and then he looked down quickly and then back. He smiled. "You're a good kisser." He laughed. "You kiss everyone that tries to sell you something?"

I was still holding his face gently in my hands. I smiled. "Only the very best looking ones." I lowered my head and kissed him again this time probing his mouth tentatively with my tongue.

He wasn't trying in any way to pull away from me, if anything he was leaning into me. "There's a restaurant a mile or so from here." His voice was soft. "They have great steaks."

"Would that be okay with you? I mean, let's do that okay?"

"Okay but ya gotta let go of my hand or I can't put my jacket on." He laughed and it went into me like an electric current.

I just couldn't stop looking at him. I felt like a complete fool but I just couldn't take my eyes off of him and the more that I watched him the more that he watched me watching him.

"You gonna be okay?" He put his hand on my arm and looked up at me.

"Maybe food." I coughed. "Maybe I just need some food...haven't eaten."

The restaurant was close and well I guess the word would be intimate, dark wood, a fireplace. We both order steak and had just gotten our wine.

Daniel asked. "So tell me what you do for a living?"

"Okay but please don't hate me."

"Oh god, you rob banks!" He was smiling.

I laughed. "No, it's worse that that, much worse."

"Oh no! Don't tell me that you're a lawyer?"

I lowered my head. "It's true."

"Well you must have learned how to kiss before you became one." The candle on the table was dancing light around his face.

I pushed my hand across the table and just barely touched his fingertips. "You liked being kissed didn't' you?"

He smiled and nodded. "You taste good."

"I still can't believe that I did it. I've never done anything like that in my life." I was looking at my glass of wine as I swirled it around. "I mean, most of my life I've tried to hide the fact that I'm gay and even after all that's happened I still don't advertise it but you had a look on your face..............like you needed to be kissed." I looked at him and smiled. "I hope you don't think I'm a nut of some kind."

Daniel looked at me questioningly. "What all has happened? Well.....if you want to talk about it."

"Divorce." I looked at the table. "My wife hired a detective and he caught me with a guy. You'd think that I'd know better." I looked up at Daniel.

"How long were you married?"

"Twelve years, two kids, both boys, Robert 12 and Jason 10, they both hate me now." I could say it but there was no way to describe how much it hurt, having your sons hate you.

Daniel looked at me but I couldn't read his expression. "I'm sorry about the pain involved. How long did you know that you were gay?"

"Oh god, from the time that I was twelve." I ran my hand through my hair. "I just couldn't deal with it. Now everyone knows and, well, I guess, that mostly I've never been happier. Well, maybe happy isn't the right word."

"God," I said, "don't tell me that I'm some exmarried guy with kids and hang-ups that you'd just as soon never see again."

Daniel laughed. "Are you always this hard on yourself?"

"No," I laughed, "remember, I'm a lawyer, usually I'm an egotistical asshole who thinks he's the greatest thing ever to happen."

"So why are you being so hard on yourself now?" Daniel was starring sheepishly into my eyes.

I looked down at the table. "Your kiss..............and something about you. I've been looking so long....I mean there's no one to come home to......no one to care." I looked at Daniel. "Am I freaking you?"

"Well you can't tell me you haven't been invited to parties. I know the rich queens in this town and I'm sure they wanted you for breakfast."

I laughed. "Actually you're right. I just couldn't deal with that." I looked seriously at Daniel. "I'm really just a normal guy," I laughed again. "except of course for the whole liking to have sex with men thing."

The waiter brought our food and we began to eat, Daniel eating sparingly and me wolfing it down.

"So, you never answered me, am I freaking you out?"

"Nope, you're not freaking me out. I guess that I pretty much feel the same way." He was twisting his napkin. "I've had boyfriends before, well a couple, but they never lasted. Well, the only important one was the first one and it turned out that he never really cared about me." This looked painful for him. "He worked for my dad and he wanted to.....well, improve his position."

I spoke very softly. "How long were you with the first one?"

He looked up at me. "Four years." He laughed but he looked like he wanted to cry. "We didn't live together but I did think that he loved me. Turns out he wanted job insurance and something to fuck. He's married now." He looked at me with a kind of panic. "God I didn't mean to unload that on you! I'm really sorry."

I took his hand in mine. "It's okay Daniel, you can tell me whatever you need to tell me."

"I don't think that I've ever told anyone all this shit before, at least not at one sitting." His hand was still in mine and he was making no attempt to pull it back.

"I guess that I'd better give you back your hand so that we can at least finish our dinner."

He looked at me and smiled and then looked down. "You can have it back over coffee, if you want." He groaned and lowered his head. "God, I can't believe I said that."

I reached over and took his hand again. "Daniel, I spend every waking moment trying to get the truth out of people or trying to make them see the truth. You can be sappy with me as long as that's the way you really feel." I smiled at him. "Actually I like sappy." Then softly. "I like you."

"I like you too." He smiled broadly. "I let you kiss me an hour after we met for chrissake!"

"It felt good didn't it?" I said smiling.

He looked at me shyly. "I can still feel it." Then "And yeah it sure did feel good. It's been a long time since I let anyone kiss me. I forgot how..........intimate it is."

I looked at Daniel for a minute. "Daniel, I like you, I think that I like you a lot, but we can go as slow as you need to go. I know that those first relationships have probably left you feeling like you can't trust anyone, so if I start going faster than you want to go just tell me. You won't hurt my feelings," I smiled. "I'm pretty tough."

Daniel looked at me for a long while. "James, how about this; we consider this dinner to be our first date and then tomorrow you come over to my house for dinner. We can be a lot more relaxed there, I won't be so tired, and we can really get to know each other." Then. "They don't make you work on Sunday do they?"

"Nope," I smiled. "hasn't occurred to them yet and that sounds great. Can I come early?"

Daniel was drawing a map on the back of a business card. "How bout noon? And don't dress fancy, shorts or sweats would be fine. I'm a slob on the weekend, especially Sunday." He looked down at the table and scratched the back of his head then looked up at me. "If I had a lover I'd stay naked the whole day." He laughed an embarrassed laugh. "Shit! Forget that I said that!"

I laughed out loud. "I never forget!" I touched his hand and spoke seriously. "You can't imagine how I dream of a day like that. It's the thought of days like that that keep me going."

It was dark when I dropped Daniel off at his car and we embraced for a long time and I got to really kiss him. Feeling his slender hard body against mine was intoxicating for us both and we both had hardon's.

Daniel said. "Geez, I better get outta here before I do something that I don't want to do just yet." He touched his forehead to my chest. "God I hope you're for real."

I lifted his chin and gently kissed him. I whispered. "I am for real Daniel." I put my hand behind his neck and drew his head to my chest. "Baby, we just have to see if we're right for each other. I'm hoping we are. I need this so bad."

I decided to wear to Daniel's exactly what I would have been wearing if I was spending the day at home. This consisted of baseball cap, track suit pants, tee shirt, sweat shirt, sneakers, and ah, no underwear.

Hysterically, it looked like we had coordinated our clothes, he was wearing the exact same thing.

"Geez you've got great taste in clothes." Daniel was smiling.

"Well you did say casual." When I walked in I held Daniel lightly and kissed him. I did it casually because you never know how much of last night was just something of the moment and I didn't want him to think that I was assuming too much. He returned the kiss and I sensed the same need that I did the night before.

I massaged his shoulders while I looked into his eyes. "You okay today?

"Maybe a little scared." He was looking me right in the eyes. "But that won't stop me."

"Don't be afraid. I won't bite unless you tell me to."

"Well I think the idea here is that we relax and just be ourselves so come on in the kitchen and we'll get some coffee and I'll give ya a tour of the place." Daniel took my hand and led me through the foyer and down a short hallway to the kitchen.

While Daniel was pouring coffee I reached up under his sweatshirt and rubbed my hands against his naked chest. A soft "mmmmm" came from his throat. "Now if you keep that up we're going to end up on the kitchen floor and the only thing we're going to find out about each other is that we both like sex." He laughed. "Besides, that's cheating." He pulled my hands out from under his sweatshirt.

"When I'm near you it's hard not to touch you." I kissed the back of his neck. I turned Daniel around and wrapped my arms around him. "I don't think that I've ever felt this connected with someone, so relaxed." I quickly kissed him. "I feel that we're meant to be together, that it's fate."

Daniel grabbed my hand and pulled me to the living room. We sat on a brown leather sofa and Daniel laid back and put his feet up on a cocktail table. "High school, I went to high school in Milwaukee and college at UW at Madison, majored in architecture with a minor in English." He rolled his head and looked at me. "Your turn."

"Okay, high school in Lake Forest Illinois, the Marine Corp and then college and law school at Northwestern. I always knew that I wanted to be a lawyer. My dad is one and he's kinda my hero and my mom is nice too but she doesn't do much."

"Why is your dad your hero?"

"Cause he's honest. I mean he's also incredibly tough and smart but he's got like this solid inner core of honesty that just anchors him." I knew that tears were starting to form at the corners of my eyes but I ignored them. I reached over and took Daniel's hand. "I want to be like my dad, that's really important to me."

"Hmmm, sounds like my dad." Daniel was twisting and playing with my finger. "Even when he found out that I was gay, and in the beginning he was finding out in the worst possible way with that guy starting rumors and shit. He just told me that I should always tell the truth, no matter what it was and that if it turned out that I was gay it would be okay as long as I told the truth."

Daniel looked at me. "What did your dad say about the divorce?"

"Oh god! That was so hard. I had to tell him before he heard about it and I would have rather done about anything other than that." I pulled Daniel to me on the sofa. "When I was telling him he didn't say a word, just stared at me and listened, no expression on his face at all. It was more frightening than if he had exploded or something. Anyway when I finally finished he says. "James before I comment on this I would like some time to do a little research." Then he says that he loves me and nothing changes that, ever, but he needs a little time. It took him about a week and by that time he probably knew more about being gay than Larry Kramer."

Daniel had let me pull him to me while I was telling him about my dad and as I was talking he just seemed to naturally snuggle down against me. I had an arm over his shoulder and from time to time I would bend down and kiss the top of his head.

"You're lucky you've still got your dad and your mom." He looked up at me. "Loosing my dad was really rough, there was my mom to worry about, the business to worry about and then the whole emotional thing of not having him around anymore." Daniel laughed. "Sorry. I don't usually do the self pity thing."

Suddenly Daniel sat up. "Wanna see my favorite room?" He was smiling. "Come on."
He grabbed my hand and pulled me up from the sofa and dragged me upstairs.

"You taking me someplace where you can have your way with me."

"Maybe later but now I want to show you this room." Daniel pulled me into a fairly small room that was all windows and faced the south. The sun was streaming in and if the upper part of the window wasn't open the room would have been intolerably hot, at least for May. There was no furniture in the room but lots of plants, all kinds including herbs. Daniel laid down in the center of the room on the floor the sun was hitting him full on. "In the middle of winter when it's really cold outside I come into this room and lay here naked and then it doesn't feel like I'm trapped in this snow covered place." He rolled over and looked up at me. "You think that I'm totally fucking nuts don't you?"

I laughed out loud and straddled Daniel on the floor. I leaned down and kissed him. "No, no I don't." I laid down next to him. "Nothing that makes you happy is crazy, nothing." I was running my fingers through his hair and my face was very close to his.

Suddenly I realized that maybe I was pushing him and I laid my head on the floor. "Daniel, am I pushing too hard. I really don't mean to."

"No James! No honest you're not." Daniel rolled on his side and put his hand on the back of my neck. "I like what you're doing. It makes me feel good, like you really care."

"I do care." I was still starring at the floor. "Daniel it doesn't make any sense to me and I don't expect you to feel the same way yet but I think that I'm falling in love with you." I put my hand on his chest. "Please Daniel don't let that freak you out. I probably shouldn't have said it but I was gonna go crazy if I didn't."

I finally looked up at Daniel and he was smiling. He reached over and touched my face. "Good, I wouldn't want to be falling in love alone."

I leaned over and kissed him and then wrapped my arms around him and kissed him even more deeply. "I promise that I won't hurt you Daniel, not like those other guys, I'd never do that." I laid my head on his chest. "What do we do now?"

Daniel got up and pulled me up with him. He took my hand and we walked slowly to his bedroom. "It's been over a year since I had sex with another person. Horny doesn't really describe it." He smiled at me and wrapped his arm around my neck. "Not that I want to put a lot of pressure on ya or anything but god I need it."

I pushed Daniel down on the bed and layed down on top of him. "So this is just like you want a stud service right? I smiled and kissed him.

"You got it babe!"

"Well, I'm your guy." I started pulling his sweatshirt off over his head. His tee shirt came off with the sweatshirt and for the first time I was looking at Daniel's naked chest. "God you're fucking gorgeous!"

I can't describe how beautiful Daniel looked to me, his black hair, his blue eyes, his chest was defined without being overworked. I lifted my self up and slowly pulled down his track pants. His cock caught on the waist band but then slapped against his stomach. I pulled his pants off and tossed them on the floor. Daniel was totally naked.

I pulled my sweatshirt off over my head and tossed it on the floor with Daniel's clothes. I rolled off of him and lifted my legs up and pulled off my track pants, like Daniel's my cock slapped against my stomach. I tuned on my side and gently took Daniel's cock in my hand, it was about six inches, perfectly formed and hard as a rock. He gasped a little when I touched his cock but then settled down. I took Daniel's left hand and put it on my cock.

Daniel sat up. "Please tell me that's your fucking arm."

I laughed. "I know you can handle it."

"Handle it? We'd need a crane to handle it." He smiled at me and kissed me. "I'm kidding, you have a pretty dick and I've got some really good lube.

James, before we do anything, shit this is gonna sound needy, but would you just hold me for a while? I mean, I'm as horny as you are but it's just been so long since I've felt that and it's the thing I need most.

I laid down next to Daniel and held him in my arms, he rolled over and put his head on my chest. After a while he reached down and lifted up my cock. "Holy fuck! You better be gentle."

I kissed the top of his head and said. "Daniel, I figure that after this long without sex we better just treat you like a virgin." I massaged the back of his neck. "Don't worry hun we're not going any faster than you want to. You're calling the shots."

Daniel was slowly stroking my dick. "It sure is a pretty one. It may be the nicest dick I've ever seen."

"That's all that French Canadian blood in me. Sometimes those guys needed to split logs with their dicks." I lifted his chin up and kissed him. "But I'm more than just a big dick ya know.

I pulled Daniel up even with me and held his face in my hands and kissed him. "It's like you've taken over my mind, for the last twenty-four hours I haven't been able to think of anything else. I got cases sitting on my desk and I don't give a fuck about them. There's like a million things that I need to get done regarding my family and the divorce and I don't give a fuck about them either. When I close my eyes I see your face, when I open them I want to see it. I've never felt like this before in my life, not for my wife not for anyone." I kissed him again.

I began to kiss the underside of Daniel's jaw and up behind his ear, moving very slowly, enjoying every centimeter of the skin that I was adoring so totally. When I kissed behind his ear Daniel began to moan very softly almost inaudibly so I began kissing all around his ear and slowly working my way inside of it. This seemed to cause a explosion of movement as Daniel started writhing under me and gasping as my tongue entered him. I held his head with both hands and stopped him from moving too much.

From his ear I moved my tongue down to Daniel's nipples, which are pretty prominent. Generally if a guy has big nipples they're sensitive and so were Daniels. The first lick had him begging me to stop but aside from varying the pressure of my tongue and teeth I kept torturing his nipples. All during my working over of Daniel's nipples his legs were coming up to the point that by the time I was done with them his legs were wrapped around my waist and my dick was poking somewhere near his ass.

After I finished with his nipples I returned to kissing Daniel. The kisses were deep and passionate and our tongues became intimately acquainted with each other.

"James, please, I'm ready, please man, I need your dick." He kissed me. "Please fuck me."

I put my mouth next to his ear and in a husky whisper. "You really need my cock?"

"Oh god yeah! Please James, fuck me."

I pushed his hair out of his eyes and spoke in the same voice. "Daniel, when I fuck you your ass is gonna be mine. That what you want?

"God yes James! Just stick it in me." Please babe I really need it now!

"Do ya love me? I want to fuck my lover."

"Yes, oh fuckin yes! I love you James."

"You sure you want it."

He just groaned. I turned him over so that he was on his hand and knees. I pushed his knees further apart, took the lube on the night stand and started applying it to Daniels asshole, slowly pushing my index finger in and moving it around so that he'd get used to it. Soon it was joined by a second finger and eventually a third. I pushed them in twisting them as I went. Daniel was silky smooth inside and his asshole tightened around my fingers.

"You ready?"

"God yes! Put it in...........but slowly."

I put my condom covered dick where my fingers had been and slowly pressed forward for a bit and then stopped.

"Okay Daniel, it's up to you now, push back and take as much as you can." We were both lightly sweating as Daniel started pushing backward, making little grunting sounds.

Just as we were reaching the point were Daniel was either going to push me back off the bed or my cock was going to break in half in popped into him.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh holy fuck!" Daniel was trying to pull off my cock but I held him in place.

"Hang in there Daniel! It'll pass."

"Ohhhhh fuck that hurts! Ohhh fuck!" Daniel lower his head to the bed while he got used to my cock in his ass. I leaned forward and rubbed his shoulders and talked quietly to him.

Very slowly, so slowly that even Daniel couldn't much feel it I began to fuck him. When I say slowly I do mean slowly, an eighth of an inch in, a sixteenth back, slowly going deeper into him. I talked to him for every second, telling him that I loved him, telling him how great his ass felt and how good it was going to feel for him soon. By the time that I had about six inches in his ass I was moving about a half inch in and out and Daniel was no longer talking about pain.

"Oh baby! Oh baby your ass feels fucking fantastic!" And god it did! Having my cock in Daniel's ass threw my feelings for him into overdrive, all I could think of was keeping this man mine. This sure wasn't my first fuck but it made all the others seem like nothing. Seeing Daniel throw his head back first in pain and now in ecstasy was making my heart turn in my chest. I wanted both to totally dominate him sexually and to totally serve him as a lover, a mate. I knew that for better or worse things were never going to be the same and that the man beneath me was going to be the center of my life.

"Fuck James, oh god! Your cock is so fucking great!" He reached under himself and felt my dick moving in his ass. "Oh man! That's fantastic." Then. "Give me more James, I can take more. I slowly buried my cock all the way into Daniel's ass, he gasped but then said. "Fucking yes, yeah, yeah!" Then. "Been so fucking long. So fucking good, so good." Daniel reached back and felt my cock moving in him again and then held my balls in his hand. "God I can hold your balls James! I can hold your fucking balls while you fuck me."

"Oh shit! Oh god James, I'm fucking cumming." Daniel clamped down on my dick as he started to cum and at the same time started bucking his ass up and down and that triggered my own orgasm.

"Oh fuck Daniel! Oh fuck, I'm cumin in your ass." I dropped down over Daniel's back as I pumped my load into is ass. I kissed the back of his neck and wrapped my arms around him.

Afterwards we just collapsed forward, Daniel on his stomach with me on top of him my cock still in his ass.

Slowly I pulled Daniel over on to his side with me behind him. My cock slowly plopped out of his ass. After a few minutes to get our breath back Daniel rolled over so that he was facing me, he buried his face in my chest and wrapped his arms around me. I was beginning to understand that Daniel's need for affection was almost limitless and he loved burying his face in my chest while I held him, this was a position that he would happily stay in for hours or until he was moved.

I kissed the top of Daniel's head. "You doing okay?" I was lightly rubbing Daniel's back.

"Better than." He was talking into my chest.

"You're being kinda quiet."

"Trying to sort it out."

"I love you."

"God I love you too!" Then. "Are you always this nice?"

"How do ya mean?"

"Well........just nice. I mean like everything you've done." He looked up at me. "You've been so patient with me."

I rolled Daniel onto his back, wrapped my arms around him and kissed him deeply. I ran my fingers through his hair.

"You don't suppose it's because I love you do ya?" Daniel looked confused. "Daniel, these aren't just words to me and I don't understand how in the hell it could have happened so fucking fast, but babe, I do love you."

"I know you do. I can feel it." He turned into my chest again. "Just been so long."

I held Daniel for a long time and then began to notice how perfectly formed his ass was, how creamy white the color and how perfect the shape. I ran my hand down his back as his face was laying on my chest and started massaging those beautiful cheeks and slipping my finger just slightly into his ass.

"Mmmm, that feels nice."

"Daniel you have the prettiest ass I've ever seen."

"Well you've got the prettiest dick that I've ever seen." He reached down to touch my cock. "Oh geez." He lifted his head and looked down at my cock then up at me. "Wanna split some logs?"

We fucked on and off for the rest of the afternoon, then took a break for some grilled steaks. Afterwards we snuggled together on a chaise lounge on the patio watching the sun going down and just being in love together. Finally it got too cool to stay outside and we went inside, lit a fire in the fireplace and wrapped ourselves in a blanket and sat in front of the fire just kinda kissing and playing with each other.

"Oh fuck Daniel! I looked at him. "I gotta go to work tomorrow! I don't have any clothes with me."

"James don't go!" He took my face in his hands. "Honest babe I'll wake you up early tomorrow and you can run home and change. But I really need you here tonight." Daniel looked angry with himself and got up off the floor and went and sat on the sofa. "Forget that James, I'm being fucking needy, if you need to go home so you can get ready for work tomorrow then you should do that."

I walked over to the sofa and pulled him up into an embrace, we were both naked. "Promise you'll get me up by five?"

"I promise. And I promise I'll wake you up in a way that you'll like." He took my hand.
" Let's go to bed.

By five in the morning I think that I was more tired than I have ever been. My wife and I didn't fuck like that on our honeymoon, well with her what could you expect, in any event by the time that I got to work I was pretty much a zombie.

Part of me wanted to move in with Daniel, which is what he wanted also, but on the other hand I had my kids to think of, since visitation hadn't been settled yet, not that they wanted to see me but I still felt that I needed to keep my own place. Over the next few days I did start bringing some suits, shirts and ties over to Daniel's. I couldn't stand not being with him especially at night and as strongly as I felt that, it was even worse for him. Daniel wanted me with him every second, and more than anything on earth I wanted to make him happy.

I'm sure that my work suffered although I tried really hard for that not to happen but quite honestly the only thing on my mind for those first few weeks was Daniel. I wanted to be with him. I wanted to be sure that he was okay. I guess that I was and to a large degree still am feeling a very basic need to make sure that the one you love is happy and safe.

I wasn't really going home to my apartment anymore, when I left work I went to Daniel's unless I needed to pickup more clothes or something. It was weird at first, I mean I love Daniel, but it wasn't our house, it was his. I kinda got used to that but I was also kinda feeling like a long term guest or something. But I was sure that we could work it out.


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Saturday, August 11, 2007


Sun was streaming in through the windows, and the sound of birds chirping woke him slowly, lethargically. He stretched and purred like a cat, exhausted but happy.

The night he had spent with Bill was the most incredible night of sex he had ever had. Bill had fallen asleep next to him on the small twin-sized bed and had been there all night long. Jack could not have felt more comfortable despite the cramped conditions. Their arms and legs were tangled together, and their nude bodies pressed against each other, as though they had slept this way all their lives. Bill’s face was mere inches from his own, his features displaying the glow of a peaceful night’s sleep. Jack imagined his lips on his lover as he inhaled his scent. The room still reeked of the sex from the night before. It smelled wonderful to Jack and a renewed sense of energy filled him. A person who loved him was in front of him. A person whom Jack loved more than anyone. Jack stroked Bill’s bare arm lightly so as to not awaken him. Bill murmured slightly in his sleep as he felt his lover’s touch. Jack smiled. This was the best. No more pain, no more fear. He was ready to live the rest of his life with the person tangled up with him. They had made that promise to one another. The irony of the situation provoked a smile from Jack. Here he was, Jack Hatcher, a person who had traveled to dozens of countries as an army brat and had met thousands of other people all over the world. And the person who told him would share the rest of his life with him was from his own back yard. In fact their dads had grown up right next door to one another until Jack’s own father had joined the service. It was by sheer luck that their parents ran into each other while helping both boys move into their dorm room. For Jack and Bill, it was love at first sight. Jack’s freshman year in college was going much better than he expected. Bill was the first person that Jack had ever fell asleep with after sex. With the few other lovers he had in high school, after the sex was over, they had always parted. Jack could not believe how wonderful it was to fall asleep in someone else’s arms as he snuggled a bit closer. But there were still things to do today, not the least of which was seeing his parents home after the end of the homecoming weekend. And looking at the clock next to the bed, Jack could see that they were already running late. Moving toward his mate, Jack planted a kiss on his lover’s mouth. "Good morning, Bill," said Jack softly. Bill awoke with a smile on his face. "Morning," mumbled Bill, snuggling closer to Jack. "We have to get up," said Jack, applying kisses to his cheek. "Um hmm," responded Bill quietly as he seemed to drift back to sleep. Jack made a mental note that Bill was definitely not a morning person as he reluctantly disentangled himself from his comforting embrace. Reaching the bathroom they shared in the small dorm room, Jack found that Bill was a bit more alert than he thought as his lover grabbed him around the waist. Jack was trying to pee into the toilet when Bill decided to embrace him. Kissing his neck, and looking over his lover’s shoulder, Bill quietly wrapped one arm around his lover’s chest and he gently began teasing his nipple. Soon, Jack felt Bill’s other hand move into his ass crack that he had pleasured so richly the evening before. Jack inhaled deeply at the stimulation he was feeling. Bill was so intimate with him. Bill loved him unconditionally. Every chance Bill had when they were alone, Jack felt wanted. Not just for his body or his mind, but for everything. Whenever they were alone in a room together (and sometimes even when others were present) the teens’ hands invariably drifted to each other’s bodies. And whenever they were apart, both boys confessed an insatiable craving for the other. Turning his head, Jack brushed his lips against Bill’s cheek and felt the bristles. "You need a shave," murmured Jack, turning his attentions to Bill’s ear lobe. Bill brought his own lips up to his lover’s face. "You too," responded Bill. Jack giggled as Bill lapped all over his face. After Bill allowed Jack to fondle and caress him during his own toilet, they hopped in the shower stall for further intimacies. "What do you think about Ron’s suggestion that we come to the nudist colony and have a commitment ceremony?" asked Jack as Bill adjusted the shower temperature. "I think Ron just wants to see both of us naked," responded Bill laughing. Reaching over to the dispenser, Bill soaped up Jack’s body. "Hmmm," said Bill as his hand gave Jack a playful slap on the butt, "I can’t say I blame him." Jack blushed a bit at this as he grabbed at Bill’s ass. After a bit of horseplay, the two were again locked in an embrace, the soap rinsing off of them as their bodies pressed ever tighter. "How much time do we have?" asked Bill. Jack’s eyes flashed over to the clock. "About 20 minutes, a half-hour if we push it." "Plenty of time," responded Bill, as he started going down on Jack. As Bill’s mouth swallowed his cock, Jack moaned with pleasure. Pistoning up and down on his tool, Bill took time out gently massage his lover’s balls with one hand while he moved the other hand between Jack’s ass cheeks. Jack parted his legs to allow Bill better access. Soon, Jack was rewarded with Bill’s finger up his ass. The rhythm of Bill’s cock sucking matched the finger fucking of Jack’s ass. Jack grunted as the pulsing beats brought closer him to the edge. Sensing his lover’s emerging orgasm, Bill relented for a bit and allowed his mouth to drift back to Jack’s. After sharing kisses, Jack returned the favor by going down on his lover’s body. Trailing his tongue down Bill’s muscular torso, Jack was filled with joy at the thought that he would be able to again explore his lover’s body. Bill had a pretty hairy chest and the hairs tickled his nose as he orally worshiped him. Jack wanted to be intimately familiar with every inch of Bill and to touch him in every way possible. Over and over again. As he reached Bill’s package, Jack inhaled his eight inch cock and soon found his nose buried in pubic hair. The water rushed over Bill’s body as he began to piston slowly into Jack’s mouth. Bill’s throbbing cockhead banged repeatedly against the back of Jack’s throat as the passion of his thrusts increased in tempo. Just as he was ready to explode, Bill removed his tool from Jack’s mouth with a loud gasp. Too soon to cum. Jack arose and took Bill back into his arms. "Do you know what I want?" asked Bill, meeting Jack’s lips with his own. Bill’s eyes seemed on fire as he looked intently at Jack. "What’s that?" asked Jack, licking Bill’s lips. "I want you to go up my ass," said Bill as he pressed his lips fully onto Jack’s mouth. For a long time they stood there, their tongues dancing inside each other, until Bill released and turned around. Bending over in the small shower stall, Bill grabbed his ankles. Jack grabbed Bill around the waist and knelt down, his tongue targeting the area within his lover’s ass crack. As Jack buried his face into the rim, Bill moaned softly. After making sure that the hole was sufficiently lubricated, Jack arose to ride Bill. Inserting his cockhead into Bill’s waiting hole, Jack exerted a significant amount of pressure to implant his tool into the very tight asshole. Jack moved further up his lover’s ass and he found his cock being significantly pleasured by the sensation. As Jack felt the smack of his balls on Bill’s ass cheeks, he knew he was fully inserted. Bill groaned and, letting go of his ankles, stood upright and grabbed Jack’s head from behind. As he did so, Jack reached over and inserted his tongue in Bill’s waiting mouth. Jack began pistoning his cock into Bill’s hole as he tongue-fucked with his mouth. The pace gradually increased in tempo until Jack was ready to erupt into Bill. Just as he was ready to spill, Jack withdrew. Still too soon. Jack pulled Bill around and they began to kiss passionately, both youths rubbing each other’s torsos against the other. It was time. Bill had taught Jack this technique that he had picked up in his "studies" of Indian culture. Simultaneously, and in the heat of their passion, both erupted on each other. The water from the shower mixed with each other’s hot spunk as they continued to kiss. That was beyond everything, thought Jack, as he worked on his lover’s mouth with his own. The pulses of orgasm caused both youths to groan while they embraced. As the kisses subsided, Jack looked into Bill’s eyes. "I love you, Bill," said Jack, his eyes flashing. "I love you, Jack," responded Bill, taking his lover’s package into his hands and fondling it. Jack’s eyes glanced at the clock. Not much time left. "We better get going," said Jack reluctantly. Bill’s face took on the appearance of a sad puppy. "Can’t they wait?" "No, babe, we have to get our asses moving," responded Jack, with a tone of mock criticism. "Have I ever told you how much I like seeing your ass move?" responded Bill, trying to grab more kisses as well as his companion’s butt. This elicited laughter from both youths as they finished their shower. Both youths emerged from the stall and dried each other off with some extra large towels that Bill had replicated. After finishing, Bill hopped on the small sink and sat down. There was barely enough room for him to fit on top. "What’s going on?" asked Jack as he moved next to the sink. Reaching over to grab the sonic razor he shared with Jack, Bill looked invitingly over to Jack. "You said I needed a shave," said Bill. "Would you like to shave me?" Jack grinned, and an idea popped in his head as he decided to join Bill on the sink. Bill nearly fell off as Jack moved into position. "What are you doing?" asked Bill laughing with astonishment. Their legs intertwined, the two nude lovers found themselves tightly joined at the crotch, their bodies touching intimately as both attempted to maintain their balance. "I’ll shave you," said Jack, as he planted a kiss on Bill’s lips. "But you have to shave me first." Bill grinned as he turned on the electric shaver. Constantly adjusting their bodies to keep their balance, and also to keep each other turned on, Jack and Bill took turns shaving each other’s faces. "Have you scheduled the room?" asked Bill, lifting his neck to allow Jack to shave under his chin. To celebrate their commitment, Jack had suggested a rather romantic evening. "Yep," responded Jack, moving the razor carefully under Bill’s adams apple. "The hot tub room off campus. I spoke to the manager yesterday to confirm it." The "hot tub" room, as it was known by the college students, was actually a rather secluded and small area right next to the health club both youths belonged to. Jack had found out on starting classes that the facility was frequently used by the university students for more intimate recreation. Featuring a large video screen, couples were allowed an outstanding view of romantic videos while soaking in a bubble bath built for two. The roof of the facility was made of glass and candles were in abundance. In the starlight, lovers would be able to enjoy romantic music with their view. The waiting list to access the room was over three months long, but Jack managed to pull a few strings. "Did you get the champagne?" asked Jack. "You bet," responded Bill. "Dom Perignon, 1996. Only the best." Jack smiled at this knowingly, remembering his conversation with Bill about what to buy with the recent student loan payment. "Did you get the strawberries?" asked Bill. "Yep," said Jack, "Real strawberries with real chocolate covering them. A gift from my parents." Bill moved his head down and smiled. "You remember you promised me that we’d get to taste the first one together." "Of course," said Jack, as he put down the razor and grabbed Bill around the neck. "You don’t think that I’d eat a chocolate covered strawberry without your mouth on mine. That just wouldn’t taste right." "Hey," said Bill devilishly as he moved closer to Jack, "who needs the strawberries and chocolate when I can taste your mouth right now?" Bill pressed his mouth onto Jack’s and they kissed sweetly. "Are we sappy or what?" asked Jack, a wide grin on his face. "As sappy as a Harlequin Romance novel," responded Bill, returning the grin. "And I really don’t care," said Jack, as he reattached his mouth to Bill’s. "I just wish we could just sit here all day like this. You and me, alone." "Me too," responded Bill, "except we’ve got our folks waiting for us." "Yow," said Jack, looking at the clock, "are we ever late." Quickly, Jack and Bill exited from their nest on the sink, nearly falling over. Rapidly dressing and hiding their erections under clothing as well as they could, they speedily exited to the rendezvous point. Both Bill and Jack hoped they did not miss the opportunity to see their parents off. Jack and Bill held one another’s hands on the car ride over to the hotel. Alone in the elevator on the way to meet their parents, they did manage to neck for the few seconds while they were in motion. But this left both only hungry for more. As soon as their parents gone, they had promised each other that they would return to the room for a hot make-out session. Jack smiled as they reached their parents’ floor in the hotel. He was ready for anything now as his lover Bill returned the grin. Life was going to be good.

Copyright © 1998 by SIC

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Thursday, August 9, 2007

G Alfacinha

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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

My Stepsister Was A Shemale

I won't bore you with all the crap so Ill make try and get you up to
speed quick. My parents divorced when I was a kid and I lived with my
mom most of the time (I was an only child). I moved away when I went to
college. By the time I started grad school I had my own place and
things were going fairly good.

About that time my dad married this lady who had a daughter that was
about my age. I met her at the wedding and I thought she was a real
dish. Her name was Sheila, and she was everything I looked for in a
woman--she was tall, stacked, a great body, light brownish hair and
I thought she looked kinda like Meg Ryan with a bigger curves. We
talked some and hit it off I suppose but the wedding was always in a
panic and we didn't get any farther than that.

So about a year goes by and my dad called and said Sheila was
transferring to my college and could she stay with me while she got
things squared away? I said sure. I liked living alone but I had no
girlfriend and I was too busy to make many friends and I was kind of
lonely, and I figured it might be nice to having someone around.

I picked her up at the airport and managed to get everything into the
truck. She packed like she was going around the world. She had a
steamer trunk--no shit--a real steamer trunk, the kind rich people
loaded with clothes and accessories when they were going to Europe on
the Queen Mary. And she still had other bags and boxes besides. I
thought about dropping her off at the Holiday Inn but was wearing a
t-shirt that stretched across her suculent tits and I just couldn't
think straight. She was gorgeous, just like I remembered, and we got
along immediately.

The big problem was that I had a one-bedroom apartment. I was all for
being a good host but I thought it was ridiculous to give up my bed
indefinitely. I'd shoehorned a queen-size bed into that bedroom and I
didn't want to give it up for good. We quickly worked out a plan where
wed alternate on a weekly basis. I had one week on the bed and the next
week on the sofa, and we'd alternate like that.

I got her moved in and we went about our lives. We were both busy with
school and work so we didn't go out much, and we ended up becomming quick

Now I'd never lived with a woman before and it had been a while since I'd
gotten laid, so I found myself getting distracted by Sheila a lot. I'm
normally not a nosy person but we both did each other's laundry, and one
day I was bringing back a load of laundry while she was gone and I just
found myself going through her underwear. Her panties were 36 inch
waist and largish (they weren't bikini style). Her bras were 36-Cs and
lacy and I thought they were great. I spent a lot of time imagining her
wearing one, and I was hoping the time would come when she'd walk around
the house in one. But it hadn't happened. I hadn't gotten any glimpses
of her naked. She was always wearing clothes or a robe or something.

All this was weighing heavily on my mind and I went into a period when
it seemed like I was horny and hard all the time. I started jacking off
in the shower or when I knew she wasn't home. But one time it was my
night on the sofa, it was late and I couldn't go to sleep and my dick
was a broomstick. And after tossing and turning I decided fuck it I'm
beating off. I started real easy a first, but I as I got relaxed I
really got into it.

And then all of a sudden I look up and there she is, standing in the
middle of the room looking at me, and I think OH SHIT. She just smiles
and says she wanted a drink and to go ahead because she doesn't care.
I waited until she went back to her room, and I really blew a load.

I wouldn't have thought much of it but it began happening a helluva lot
of the time. For awhile it seemed like I couldn't touch my dick without
her walking in. It got so bad it became a joke with us, and with that a
lot of the pressure was off. She didn't care that I did it, and she even
seemed to like it.

This went on for about a month, and then it was time for spring break.
We both finished up our midterms and on Friday night we went out to and
got smashed. We were at a party and it was fun watching all the guys
drooling all over Sheila, and they knew I got to go home with her.

It was right at the time where we normally swap our sleeping
arrangements, and it was her turn on the couch. But while she was
showering I passed out on the sofa.

Does anyone not know what happens next?

I woke up in the middle of the night, took a whiz, and I remembered it
was my night in the bed so I climbed in. I didnt notice her at all. I
just hit the mattress and I was out. The next thing I knew it was
bright and the sun was coming in through the windows. I was lying on
my back, tent-poleing the covers, so I got up and took another whiz,
and came back into the bedroom.

I looked down at Sheila, who was asleep on her back. The covers were
down around her belly-button, and she was topless. She had a beautiful
set of tits. They were well-rounded and firm without being rockhard.
The nipples were like pencil erasers and the aereolas were about the
size of silver dollars, and a luscious dark pink. Her hair cascaded
around her shoulders and a few licks touched her nipples.

Out the bottom of the sheet were two long, lovely legs.

I looked at her and my dick was as stiff I'd ever felt it. I thought the
knob would pop off from the pressure. But I kept thinking, "What's wrong
with this picture?"

Then it hit me. She was tent-poleing the sheet.

She was really out of it, I could tell. Not light, dreamy sleep, but
dead to the world sleep. I was horny and out of my mind with lust, and
I'd never seen an erect dick before (other than movies, and not counting
my own), so I just had to look.

I was real careful and I pulled the covers back and noticed her squirm a
little, and then she was nude. I thought I was dreaming. Her dick
looked about like mine, but it was on her body! She had a smallish
set of nuts, though, and she'd shaved most of the hair around it. It
looked like a female version of a dick--pink and feminine and smooth,
not red and hot and kinda ugly like mine.

I couldn't help myself, I touched it. I put my fingertips on the base of
it and rubbed it a little, and watched Sheila squirm. I rubbed it some
more and I was really getting off on watching her writhe in her sleep.
She had a little smile on her face.

I went to the bathroom and got the lube. I sat down on the mattress so I
could get a better position and I wrapped my lubed hand around it and
did it right. At this point Sheila woke up.

For a minute I thought she was going to have a heart attack, and then
she realized what was going on and just relaxed while I kept stroking.
I said good morning and talked to her real smooth and quiet, asking her
how she felt, and she just smiled and arched her back and answered in the
same tone of voice. She started playing with her tits while I stroked
her, kneeding and caressing and teasing, while her breath got faster.
Then she went rigid and shot cum all over her belly and my hand. I took
it easy, knowing how sensitive I get when I cum, but I kept milking her
dick until it was dry.

After that we got all the talking done. How and when I'd found out.
I wasn't grossed out and I wouldn't throw her out. In fact I found it
a big turnon. She said it felt like a huge weight was off her
shoulders, that she didn't have to hide it from me now.

We both had some stuff we had to do, and though I wanted to ignore it
all, she said she'd make it up to me later, so we about our errands.

That night, after dinner and everything, we went to bed early. I'd
climbed into the sack. Christ I was nervous. It was one thing to do
this sort of stuff while still half-drunk in the morning, but now I was
thinking clearly and feeling real weird about it all. But the minute
she walked in all that went out of my head. She wore a semitransparent
robe and had her fixed great. She pulled the robe tight across her tits
and then undid it and opened it up, and I was rock hard again. She was
wearing a lacey red bra and matching panties, and the only thing that
looked different was the bulge in her crotch. That really made me nuts.
She teased me, playing with her tits and tracing the outside of her cock
in her panties to make it stiff. The panties looked like they were
going to pop. She undid the bra and climbed onto the bed and straddled
me and stuck a big tit in my mouth, and she rubbed her love nozzle across my leg.

I moved my mouth over her tits like they were icecream. They were better
than any I'd ever had. By the time I was done she was hot and panting.
She was on her back and looking at me, pleading, and I thought fuck it,
I'm doing it. I went down to her crotch gave her love nozzle a real quick lick
and realize my tongue wasn't going to shrivel up, so I did it again. Her
cock was hard and hot, just like mine, but smooth like her skin. I
worked it over just like I'd have done my own if I could, and with her
hands in my hair, I finally got the nerve to inhale it.

It was neat. Like a big sausage but I knew it was alive and loving it.
I licked it and ran my teeth over it, ran it all around my mouth and
pumped up and down on it. It took me a few minutes to get used to it
but I quickly decided it was cool, and Sheila was just going nuts. She
was bouncing and panting and carrying on, and that just made it all
better. When I knew she was going to cum I pushed it back as far as I
could without gagging and let it go in my throat. I had to fight the urge
to puke, but with a few swallows I got it, and then I cleaned up the rest.

I'll admit I don't like the taste of steamy fresh jizz. It's like laundry bleach to me,
but once I got past the idea that semen would poison me I wasn't bothered
much by it. And if my old girlfriends could do it, I could.

Now Sheila had shot twice today and I hadn't come at all, so we both knew
it was time. I wasn't sure what to do, but she had an idea. She was
real limber, so she pulled her knees up against her chest, lubed up my
pole and led me in her backdoor. We were doing the missionary! Normally
the missionary doesn't do much for me, but I could kiss her (and how), I
could suck on her tits, and the feeling of her stiff sword of passion and nuts rubbing my
belly while I pumped her was out of this world. I shot off way too soon
even though I kept trying to hold off.

She gave me a jack-off show, how cool it was to have her sausage in one
hand and a beautiful breast in the other, until I was hard again. She
washed me off and gave me the head of my life.

For her turn, she lubed me up and took me doggie-style. I really didn't
want to do it at first--I thought that was too much, but she was laying
across me holding me tight--her tits rubbing my back and her hair in my
face and her lips on my ears, her hands on my nipples and my chest and
her dick sliding easily in and out of me. The prostate stimulation made
me writhe in ecstacy. She came inside me and jacked me off to another
incredible blast at the same time.

We collapsed on the bed and fell asleep.

It was the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

The End

by: swinglifestlye

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Thursday, August 2, 2007

Sometimes a bottom must bang out a top

One night in bed I was thinking about how Mike and Mark fuck my ass like
their own personal bitch. I decided to fuck them. I was going to fuck
them and hard. It was my turn! So invited Mark over and as you will see
what happened was one hot man fuck session. I sat on the couch in the
middle of Mark and Mike and I grabbed both of their cocks. I was
rubbing their shafts through their pants and loving it. I heard Mark
say, "Mike our little bottom is ready" We all went into the bedroom and
laid on the bed. We all three stripped down to nothing and I thought I
was about to spurt. I saw these two hairy men lying next to me with
their chest hair popping out all over the place. The last time I had
seen their hair was after hours of fucking and they were all sweaty and
matted down. I almost forgot my plan. I guess once a bottom always a
bottom, I wanted these two hairy studs in my ass pumping me and fucking
me and cumming all over me. But I was not going to let that happen. I
leaned over and got on top of Mike and started to kiss his neck. I
worked my way down to his nipples and bite them aggressively. He was
panting and thrusting his hips. I could feel his hard cock pressing
against my stomach. The head of his cock wet from precum. I worked my
lips down to his cock and put the head in my mouth. His hairy stomach
rubbing against my forehead. I reached my hand over to Mark and started
to jack his cock as I sucked off Mike. Both of them were in heaven as
their bottom was taking control.

Then I made Mike lift his legs in the air and I made Mark do the same. I
demanded them to lay there with their legs in the air and wait for
their turn. They looked at each other in a wonderment of what was going
on. I spread open Mark's ass and saw his tight hole covered in hair. I
dove right in and started rimming his hole. He was loving it. Mike was
next to him still with his legs in the air and I inserted my forefinger
deep inside his hole. They both laid there and began toget an
understanding of what was going on. Mike looked at me and smiled which
told me he was ready and willing. I put his legs around my shoulders
and put the head of my cock inside his tight hole. It was so tight
because he is not used to getting fucked. I thought I would cum the
second my cock felt his tight hole. His ass was so warm and tight that
it gripped my cock and did not let go. It felt like something was
squeezing my cock and sucking it at the same time. My eyes rolled in
the back of my head. It is not everyday a bottom gets to top.

Mark was lying on his side watching as I fucked Mike. He was beginning
to sweat and it was so hot that it made my cock throb inside Mike. As I
continued to pump Mike, Mark was licking his hand and began to rub
Mike's cock. Mike was in heaven as I fucked him and Mark jacked him
off. I picked up the pace and was fucking him so hard that his hairy
pecs were bouncing up and down. His balls were touching my stomach as I
fucked this toplike he had never been fucked before. Mark got on his
knees to lower his lips on Mike's cock. He was sucking him now as I
fucked him. Mark was so full of chest hair that when I looked at him on
his knees hair was hanging off his nipples. His massive cock dangling in
midair. I took a hold of Mike's ankles and pumped him once really hard
and sat there and pumped again. Over and over I pumped him, his ass was
tight and hot and eating my hard cock. Mark sucking Mike's cock me fucking
his bung hole I could hear by his breathing that he was about to cum blast . I
pulled out my cock and pushed it back in and pulled it out and shoved
it back in and out and then pounding it back in. Each time thrusting
harder and harder. He was throwing his head from side to side and his
hairy stomach heaving. I heard him grunt, "I am getting close!" So I
pumped harder and harder and Mark sucked harder and harder and
BAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! a fresh steamy Cum flew out of Mike's huge cock all over Mark's face. It
was dripping off his chin on his forehead.Mike was shooting and
grunting and I was pumping and fucking. I pulled out of Mike's ass and
Mark laid on his back. I leaned down and licked my lovers cum off of
his face. It was warm and bitter. The taste I have grown to crave for
years was streaming down my deep throat.

Mike laid there and smiled as his ass hole was throbbing and dripping with
lube. I was on top of Mark and rubbing our bodies together. Mike
watched me as I rubbed my dripping cock all over Mark's body. I
squatted over top of Mark and rubbed my stiff cock all over his hairy body.
My massive cock got lost in the forest of chest hair that covered him. Mike was
dripping and watching and ready to see his bottom be a top for the
first time. I fliped Mark over and put him on his stomach. I lifted his
ass and slowly entered his hole. I could feel his ass hair glide
against my cock as I slide inside of him. I was all the way in when and
my big, hairy, full of cum balls rested on his ass. I made my cock


Author: Bears Bottom

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